Once you are registered as a Service Leaver (SL) you will have access to comprehensive support from the Career Transition Partnership (CTP).

CTP operates through nine Regional Resettlement Centres in the UK, one in Germany, and a Resettlement Training Centre in Aldershot.

The Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) has been helping those leaving the Armed Forces to find and to remain in employment throughout their working lives since 1885. This is done as part of the Career Transition Partnership for up to two years after discharge and thereafter is done on behalf of the Service Benevolence Funds. They have Employment Consultants spread across the country and have one Ex Gurkha Consultant based in Reading branch.

Armed Forces Champions have been established in Jobcentre Plus districts throughout the country to ensure that the concerns of Service personnel and their families are addressed.


Other useful organizations and services include:

British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS)

The Officers’ Association


Job Centre Plus

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