Recent Operations

GURKA_2171697bSince 1997, the Brigade of Gurkhas has been operationally and battle proven in Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Macedonia, Iraq and 11 years in Afghanistan (almost as long as the Malayan Emergency).

Since 1997 Brigade units, from platoon/troop level and above, have deployed a total of 104 times.

CO 1 RGR, Lt Col Gez Strickland with Gen David Petraeus
CO 1 RGR, Lt Col Gez Strickland with Gen David Petraeus




The two RGR Battalions alone have deployed on an impressive 13 operational tours.

The three Gurkha reinforcement Companies, raised to support British units have deployed on operations, 18 times in 13 years.

The human cost and sacrifice has been high. 54 officers and soldiers of the Brigade have been wounded in action and 15 have made the ultimate sacrifice.



Since 1998;

  • The QGE has deployed its Squadrons 10 times.
  • The QGS has deployed its Squadrons 6 times and troops and detachments 16 times.
  • The QOGLR has deployed as a Regiment 5 times and its Squadrons indepedently 11 times.
Acting Sgt Dipprasad Pun, CGC
Acting Sgt Dipprasad Pun, CGC

Since 1997 British Officers and Gurkha Soldiers have been awarded:

  • 1 x DSO, 5 x OBE, 32 x MBE
  • 1 x CGC, 8 x MC, 31 x MiD, 1 x QCB
  • 12 x QCVS, 48 x CJO Commendations
  • A total of 91 awards and 48 Commendations.




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