The Army Reserve is recruiting Ex Gurkhas Now The Army Reserve is recruiting Ex Regular Soldiers. You can apply to join the Reserves in most cap badges with no new skills or qualifications. The government is also offering handsome benefits to certain Ex Regulars when they join the Reserves.

Financial Incentivejs1280_Reserves (3) All Reserve soldiers are entitled to receive Annual Army Reserve Training Bounty of £1,691 when they meet the minimum annual commitment and the Army Reserve salary. On top of this, from 1 April 2014, the Army Reserve is offering a number of new and revitalised financial incentives to Ex-Regulars a sum up to £10,000.

  • £2,000 on approval by the CO of your Army Reserve unit
  • £3,000 after completing your first year full training commitment
  • £3,000 after completing your second year full training commitment
  • £2,000 after completing your third year full training commitment

More information on this bonus scheme

Other Benefits.  js1280_Reserves (1)

  • Pay and expenses when training
  • Adventurous opportunities
  • New friends/ Social events
  • Paid leave
  • Access to Armed Forces Pension Scheme
  • OCC Health Support

Application Process Serving Personnel.  Your RCMO is the first port of call for personnel leaving the Regular Army.

Ex-Service Personnel.  Ex-Regular wishing to join the Army Reserve should in the first instance, research the Army Reserve unit. js1280_Reserves (2)


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