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Welcome to our new Blog which will follow the events and training of some of our latest Gurkha recruits through their training with Gurkha Company at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick. 

Week 4:itc_week4_2

Hello again! We have now finished a whole month of training at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick and we are slowly becoming soldiers, but it feels like I arrived yesterday.

Day by day our work load is increasing gradually and we are learning so many new things; physical training, foot drill, weapon handling, grenades, field craft and map reading. The thing I like the most is the field craft training, this is when we deploy onto the training area and learn to set up platoon harbours and defences. Although it sounds rough and hard, I am always curious to learn new things about field craft and our tactical training, and I really enjoy learning how to survive in the field. Throughout our training our Gurujis have supported us and are teaching us everything that they know.

itc_week4_3Our weapon handling lessons have been continuing, and I felt really proud when I first held a real rifle. I thought that I can now call myself a real soldier. We have also conducted fitness sessions and a personal fitness assessment which was really fun. I am looking forward to the physical training increasing as I am beginning to feel a bit slow, but I understand that we must take it slowly at first to allow our bodies to develop and change.

The only downside here is the weather! We had 20 cm of snow for about a week, this was a totally new experience for all of us and it freezing.

That’s all for this week, keep an eye out for the next post!

Week 3:

Recruit Intake 2018 – Introductory Exercise One


The Gurkha Recruit Intake 2018 Introductory Exercise One was conducted over the period 08-09 Mar 18 in Catterick Training Area (CTA) within the North Yorkshire District.  All 270 Gurkha trainees were deployed in the field under command of their respective Platoon Commanders.  It was a the very first field exercise for these young trainees.

The aim of the exercise was to give them an experience of how to carry out basic administration and maintenance of their equipment in the field.  The basic field-craft lessons were also entrenched into the programme and delivered by Section Commander Instructors.

The delivery of central demonstrations on ‘Why Things are Seen and Personal Camouflage and Concealment’ were also coordinated and conducted by Captain Ashok Gurung and Captain Genendra Rai respectively.

It was a good experience for the new trainees, the very first time deployed out in the field in adverse UK winter weather.

See more of their activity on these images.

IMG 8861 (2) IMG 8694 (2) IMG 8811 IMG 3897

Week 2:

Gurkha Coy ITC Catterick – Holi Festival celebration

holi_itc18_005Gurkha Company Infantry Training Centre Catterick observed the Hindu festival of Holi (Festival of Colour) on Thursday 1st March 2018.  

All 270 new trainees from Recruit Intake 18 and Permanent Staff including the Commanding Officer 2 Infantry Training Battalion and his family attended the celebration. 

A short ritual service as per Hindu custom took taken place in the Gurkha Temple and Holi celebrations followed outside the temple where everyone enjoyed smearing various colours to each other. 

This festival was celebrated to mark the end of the winter and beginning of the Spring as well as a triumph of god over devil.  This was a first festival celebrated by Recruit Intake 2018 in UK away from their families and had thoroughly enjoyed the celebration.

holi ITC18 001 holi ITC18 003 holi ITC18 002 holi ITC18 004 holi ITC18 006


Week 1:

A Week of Firsts – Trainee Rifleman Devendra Gurung, 3 (Tobruk) Platoon

img_7725On the 12th of February I finally arrived at Manchester airport after a long flight with four platoons of my intake (135 people in total!). It was my first time on an international flight and it was very exciting as I was able to watch movies throughout.

When we arrived in Manchester it was very cold (3 degrees) and it was snowing heavily, again this was another first – my first time seeing snow.  We were taken by bus to the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick, where we will spend the next 9 months being trained to become Infanteers.

img_7473On arrival at Gurkha Company ITC, we were warmly welcomed by our Sahebs and Gurujis and some assembled families. Our Officer Commanding, Major Prem Saheb, welcomed us to the Gurkha Family and the unit second in Command welcomed us to Catterick. It was a very emotional moment, and although I miss my family at home, it is nice to know that I now have a new family in Gurkha Company.

Immediately our training started, and we have been learning how to make our beds and lockers in the correct soldierly manner – another first. We have been issued many items of clothes which must be ironed every day in order to make us look smart, and we have also received a welcome pack with all the basics needed for Army life.

img_7488I have met my Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant and Section Commanders. They are always teaching us new things and are very keen for us to get better. Already I really enjoy being a British Gurkha, and I am so happy to have achieved this goal. I am really looking forward to continuing my training, I or one of my intake will keep you updated as training continues so keep reading!