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1 Squadron visits Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre Tilbury.

21st May 2019

Members of 1 Squadron visited one of the largest Amazon Fulfilment Centres in the UK (Built in 2017) during their busy routine of Queen’s Guard (Public Duties) commitment. 

The visit provided an opportunity to observe an advance robotics amazon technology, understand supply chain and procedures to be followed to fulfil the need of costumers.

All the participants were amazed to see all the systems used to meet the costumer’s demands by selecting more than 150 million items from various locations. Tilbury benefits access to the UK multi-modal logistics gateway. Four international deep-sea ports, six rail freight terminals, and the UK largest cargo airport (London Stansted) in Essex.

The visit helped participants to understand the commercial organisations logistics (How millions of customers are being fulfilled on a daily basis) compared to the military logistics, and how to harness technology to support military chain in particular.

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