Gurkhas win the Army Badminton Championship 2019

Many congratulations to 10 Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment Badminton Team who have won the Army Badminton Championship 2019 after a superb competition at Grantham. The team led by Sergeant Ramu Rai  (1 Squadron – Defence School of Logistics) performed brilliantly in all categories.

The team members were:

  • Staff Sergeant Madan Rana (36 Squadron)
  • Staff Sergeant Narendra Gurung (28 Squadron)
  • Sergeant Pankaj Gurung (36 Squadron)
  • Sergeant Ramu Rai (Overall in Charge) 1 Squadron/Defence School of Logistics 
  • Corporal Prem Wanem (36 Squadron)
  • Corporal Netra Gurung (36 Squadron/Training Wing)
  • Lance Corporal Lok Thapa (28 Squadron/Welfare)