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2 RGR wins the Army Canoe Polo Championship for the fourth year in a row

11th February 2015

On Friday 6 February after a long journey to Portsmouth, 2 RGR won the Army Canoe Polo Championship by successfully defending their title for the fourth year in a row.

2 teams were entered by 2 RGR (the only Corps teams from a single unit) and the A Team beat the Engineers, Signals, RLC, AGC and Int Corps to reach the final.  Meanwhile the B Team did fantastically well in their pool, led by the superb Rfn Prashant, they won all but two of their matches (which they drew) and after a “sudden death goal” won through to play the A team in the final!  A brilliant match followed, however in the end the A Team was victorious with Rfn Sushil Mishra named as man of the match.

The weekend was given over to the Inter-Services Championships in which the Army entered two teams.  One of these was filled by 2  RGR, yet again the only Service Team from a single unit.  Final Results are to follow, however on Saturday the 2 RGR team remained unbeaten in all their matches.

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