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Riflemen Nutan Rai and Himmat Rai, injured during Op Herrick 14 describe their experiences during interview with BFBS

Rfn Nutan Rai and Himmat Rai, both from 2 RGR, were injured during Op Herrick 14 on separate incidents when they were deployed there from Brunei. In this interview with BFBS they talk about their experiences BFBS-Nutan/Himmat

Gurkha BFBS interviews members of 10 QOGLR.

To hear the full interview click on the link BFBS-QOGLR

A wall has been erected in Tuker Lines, Brunei in memory of the fallen Royal Gurkha Rifles soldiers on Operation HERRICK.

Major General Colin Boag CBE, General Officer Commanding Support Command (GOC Sp Comd), unveiled the Afghanistan Memorial Wall in Tuker Lines during his recent visit to British Forces Brunei.

 Amid a sombre ceremony, GOC Sp Comd along with the Commanding Officer and Gurkha Major of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles paid their respect and laid wreaths on the newly-erected wall, which had the names and details of the fourteen fallen soldiers from the 1st and 2nd Battalion. The ceremony was attended by the officers and soldiers of the battalion. (Story courtesy of BFBS. For more photos click on BFBS – Afghan Memorial)









Details of the HQBG Nepal Cup, Employment Fair, Sounding of Retreat and GBA Bhela to be held in Aldershot on Thursday 27th June can now be downloaded at the following links: 
Please note that Application Forms must be submitted to the ticket coordinators as soon as possible but no later than 13 June 2013.  See details on the Application Form.


 The Britain-Nepal Society is looking to replace their current Honorary Treasurer who is due to retire in the coming year.  This is an honorary position and would probably best suit someone who lives in or within easy reach of London .  At the moment all the BNS committee meetings,  lectures and events other than an annual summer outing take place in London .  With a Membership of approximately 500 members, the financial affairs of the Society are pretty straightforward dealing with; Annual Membership Subscriptions, event accounts and annual grants. 

 If interested, please contact the Chairman BNS, Mr Roger Potter,  who will be happy to discuss the requirements in greater detail.  The closing date for applications is 01 June 2013.

GBA’s Chairman, Brigadier John Anderson talks to BFBS Radio about the GBA’s new website.  To listen to the full interview, click on the link:  GBA Chairman Interview

The Nepal Cup is going to be held at the Queens Avenue Football Ground, Aldershot 0n 27th of June 2013. For the first time in its history, the competition will feature a veterans match. To hear all the details, follow the link:

Nepal Cup 2013 – Draw

Kenton Cool, who has climbed Everest an incredible 10 times, including twice in one week, talks to BFBS about the ambitious project that would see a team of serving Gurkhas summit the world’s highest mountain in 2015 to celebrate 200 years of service to the British Crown. To listen to the interview, click on the link:

Kenton Cool talks to BFBS

By Rfn Dilkumar Rai

Despite the commitments of Academy, the Gurkha Coy (SITTANG) conducted Exercise PURKHA HARUKO BIRATA (Ancestors’ Bravery) a Battlefield tour over the period 22 – 24 Feb 2013.  A total of 46 members from the GC (S) and Sandhurst Support Unit/Academy HQ took part on this exercise.  Most of us know how and where our forefathers fought but did we ever understand our ancestor’s history? So, to really understand our forefather’s history, we went on a battlefield tour for three days to France and to Ypres, Belgium on 22 February 2013.  We departed early in the morning from Sandhurst to Folkestone by coach and then to get to France, we took the Euro Tunnel.  It was my first experience to cross using the Euro Channel Tunnel.  The battlefield tour was organised by Captain Dillikumar Rai 2 RGR.

Day 1.  On arrival we made our way to our respective hotels, hotels Talbot and Belfort.  Then we went to our first stand which was the Neuve Chapelle, Indian Memorial.  The tour guide gave us an excellent brief on the battle and on how the war was fought by showing demonstration stands on the ground.  After the brief we took a quick tour around the area and the memorial ground.  Next we went to the main event of the day which was visit to the Menin Gate.  We took part in a small remembrance ceremony by placing a wreath to pay respect to our forefathers who fought in the First World War.

Day 2.  On day 2, we went to Hill 60 where we saw the big crater made by a massive explosive as part of the tunnelling operations to take over the hill from the Germans.  The 2nd stand was the Essex Farm, Dressing Station where the main RAPs were based.  The place is still standing but most of the area has gone as the years went by.  Just beside the base is the cemetery where the dead were buried and laid to rest.  The 3rd stand was to the Vancouver Corner, the Canadian Memorial, where the first use of poison gas was used on 1st Battle of Ypres.  There the difficulties faced by those unprepared for chemical warfare and the courage & discipline shown by the Lahore and Meerut Divisions were explained to us.  The 4th stand was to the Langemark German Cemetery, where a couple of Pillboxes are still intact and where the interlocking arcs of fire, can be seen.  The 5th stand was to the Tyne Cot Cemetery and Memorial.  It was here where we learnt a lot about the war and the equipment used during First World War.

Day 3.  We made a visit to the Talbot House which was both a museum and a hotel.  Talbot House was long used by the soliders where they could talk and sleep in peace, a place very much like home for soldiers, at the time of war.  The house was an interesting place and we could see some of the things used still in good condition and very well preserved, even after a very long time.  We were also shown a video on how the soldiers used to entertain themselves in the house.  There was one particular video I liked very much where an old woman was interviewed in which she mentioned Gurkhas.  She said “The Gurkhas are polite and fearsome soldiers but they cut off the enemy ears with their Khukuri and place it in their bag to keep it as a souvenir”.

Our battlefield tour suitably finIn front of Gurkha CemetryV1ished with a visit to the last stand of our forefather’s (Gurkha) cemetery.  We recalled things that we had only heard about, of how our forefathers fought and gave their lives for our better tomorrow.  We have shown to the world to this every day that we Gurkhas are brave and courageous and still keep our reputation of “Kaathar hunnu bhanda marnu ramro (Better to die than live a coward)”.  It was an extremely successful tour, and all the participants benefited immensely from it, particularly by understanding the nature of warfare in the WW1 and the ultimate sacrifice of the lives that our forefathers have given in the past for our better future.  Albeit, the weather was utterly cold,  we all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learnt so much about the battles that were fought in WW1.

Jai Gurkha Coy (SITTANG)


By Mrs Chanda Tamang, w/o Capt Palijar Tamang

After the over-indulgence of Christmas and New Year’s numerous parties, we were ready to raise some funds for a charity.  This time, we chose the Aama Ghar (Mothers’ House), a charity based in Kathmandu where Mrs Dilsobha Shrestha singlehandedly looks after a number of old people (mothers and children) who have been victims of gross neglect and abuse by their own family.  With the GM didi’s guidance, a fancy dress ladies party was organised on 19 January 2013.  The party was organised at a very short notice but despite the appalling weather, the turnout was fantastic. 

The fancy dress charity party was held at Connaught Leisure Centre in Aldershot.  Traditional Nepali food was prepared by QOGLR RCWO and his team of volunteers, which according to the guests of the night, was the best gruel ever.  The fancy dress itself was a great idea as the ladies turned up in all sorts – Amy Winehouse, Cruella-de-Vil, the Japanese geishas, Minnie mice, swarm of pirates, Roman kings and even a Maid Marian!  The best costume prize was taken by Cruella de-Vil, a well-deserved win.  No Nepali party would not be complete without a round of Bingo and raffle draw.  Finally, to conclude the evening, the floor was on fire with ladies putting their dancing avatars on.

Just before their return to the UK from their Duty Trek (Comd QOGLR Lt Col Blackmore, GM Major Khimprasad Gauchan) and Everest Base Camp expedition (WO1(RSM) Roberts), a sum of Rs 1 lakh 37 thousand was handed over to Dilsobha Shrestha, which was received with heartfelt gratitude.

It was a very successful event and our heartfelt thanks go to all the volunteers and the ladies who attended the charity event.  It was not just a QOGLR ladies party but open to all members of the society.  It was great to see everyone coming together to raise money for such a worthy cause in Nepal.10 QOGLR 2V1

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