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Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas updates on current BG news at BFBS Gurkha Studio Nepal

Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas, Colonel James Robinson, gave an update of current Brigade news at the BFBS Gurkha Studio in Kathmandu on Tuesday 26 April.  Col Robinson visited British Gurkhas Pokhara and Dharan and also had the opportunity to meet some Regimental Associaiton members.

Here is a short interview of Col BG updating about the current Brigade news in BFBS Gurkha Radio Nepal.



The annual Army Volleyball Championships were held on Thursday 28 April in Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre. All  Brigade of Gurkha units performed extremely well with an all four semi-finalist teams coming from Gurkha units.

Gurkha Wing Mandalay were beaten by 2 RGR in the semi-final and 1 RGR beat 10 QOGLR in the other.

The great professional rivalry between the two Gurkha Infantry Battalions set the scene for a great final.  A closely fought match between 1 RGR and 2 RGR was won by 1 RGR, making them the Army Volleyball Champions for the fifth consecutive year. 1 RGR Volleyball team captain, CSgt Prawin Malla, said that he was “delighted to win the title for the fifth consecutive year.” He added that the team had made a great effort to win the championship and they had been practising hard regularly to remain the undefeated champions.

Congratulations to all the Gurkha units’ volleyball teams for doing so well. But to 1 RGR in particular, syabash (congratulations).  A fifth consecutive win is a brilliant achievement.


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Members from Brigade of Gurkhas marked ANZAC Day in various places around the world.


2 RGR who are currently in Kabul, Afghanistan marked ANZAC Day together with Australian and Turkish Soldiers.  The soldiers stood side-by-side on the Parade on 25 April to commemorate ANZAC Day.

The Gurkhas, from Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles are working alongside Australian troops from 8th/9th Royal Australian Regiment to provide security for NATO advisors at the Afghan National Army’s Officer Academy, on the outskirts of Kabul. Turkish soldiers, based nearby, are part of NATO’s train, advise, assist mission focused in Kabul.
13041074_1096121740440388_6258175825005725132_oResolute Support, NATO’s current mission in Afghanistan, sees troops from 40 nations working together to provide enduring support to the Afghan government. The Afghan Officer’s Academy is modelled on Sandhurst and has had a strong presence of UK advisors from its beginning.

The commemorations began with a dawn service, reinforcing the strong bond of friendship formed between the Gurkha and ANZAC troops during the Gallipoli campaign of 1915. The shared history has undoubtedly brought the Gurkhas and Australians closer together, as they work together to protect NATO advisors in Kabul.13047972_1096121627107066_8594668498148794283_o

Maj Hugo Stanford-Tuck, commanding 2 RGR B (Gallipoli) Company, spoke of the importance of the commemorations:

“It is an immense privilege for us to share in ANZAC day with our brothers in arms from Australia, New Zealand and uniquely Turkey. Our Company’s battle honour is Gallipoli. Each year, we take the time to reflect upon our forebears’ tenacity and sacrifices made in pursuit of the mission. As we work together towards finishing the mission in Afghanistan, it gives me a sense of hope to note that though we fought against Turkish soldiers 100 years ago, we now stand together as members of a coalition. Today we honour all who fought and died both at Gallipoli and in Afghanistan, we will remember them.”

On the other side, 1 RGR C Coy who are currently deployed to New Zealand on Ex Pacific Kukri witnessed the ANZAC Day Parade together with the members from New Zealand Armed Forces.  C Coy members have been deployed on a six week exercise which will see them, team up with the New Zealand Armed Forces for a big annual joint exercise.



Gurkha Wing Mandalay won the Infantry Battle School Operational Shooting Competition held at J3 Range in SENTA on Saturday, 09 April 2016 for the second year running.  The competition was contested amongst the teams from each Divisions within IBS.  Each team consisted of 5 firers (an Officer and 4 other ranks).  On the day six teams (30 firers) competed on 4 separate matches – Short Range Rural Contact Match, Long Range Rural Contact Match, Advance to Contact and Falling Plates.  The prizes awarded were top three individuals, top team and falling plates team winner.

Capt Kiran Pun (1 RGR) led the team to victory with gusto and spectacular performance displaying strength and depth of Gurkhas shooting skills.  Cpl Tuljung Gurung MC from 1 RGR won the top individual award. The results of the day were as follows –

  1. Top individual (All scores combined) – Cpl Tuljung Gurung MC (Gurkha Wing Mandalay)
  2. Second individual (All scores combined) –  CSgt Bharat Gurung (Junior Division)
  3. Third individual (All scores combined) – Rfn Rem Gurung (Gurkha Wing Mandalay)
  4. Falling Plates – Gurkha Wing Mandalay (Runner-up)
  5. Top Team (All scores combined) – Gurkha Wing Mandalay

Cpl Tuljung Gurung MC (1st of 30 firers)

Rfn Rem Gurung (3rd of 30 firers)

LCpl Kripa Shah (6th of 30 firers)

Cpl Ravin Rai (7th of 30 firers)

Capt Kiran Pun (10th of 30 firers, Winner amongst Officers)




LCpl Anil receiving medals at Museum2

LCpl Anil Chhetri from Support Company, 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, was re-issued with his father’s medals at the Gurkha Museum in Winchester on Saturday 16 April.

The medals of LCpl Anil’s late father had been tragically stolen in Nepal.

Sgt Bombahadur ChettriLCpl Anil’s father, Bom Bahadur Chhetri (stood on the right in the photo) joined the 4th/9GR in 1984. He served for 17 years rising to the rank of Havildar (Sgt), operating in Jammu-Kashmir at high altitude before he was tragically killed in action in Kashmir in 2002. LCpl Anil stated, “My father was an honest and loyal father who dedicated his life to look after my mother and I.” His father’s wonderful character and service inspired LCpl Anil himself to become a Gurkha and he was enlisted into the British Gurkhas in 2007.  LCpl Anil’s mother lives in Nepal.

In 2015, LCpl Anil was talking to his Officer in Command, Major Samuel Meadows, about his father during a morning run, and he mentioned that his father’s medals had been tragically stolen from their home in Nepal. Without telling LCpl Anil, Major Meadows kindly took it upon himself to fight hard to try and get Anil’s father’s medals re-issued from the Indian Army.

Several months later, with ‘mission success’ from Major Meadows, LCpl Anil was invited down to the Gurkha Museum where he attended the 9GR reunion. The medals had been sourced with the help of Capt (Retd) Bruce Roberts 9GR and Maj Gen Anil Bhatt AVSM SM VSM the current Colonel of the Regiment for 9GR in the Indian Army. The medals were presented by Miss Akkriti Bhatt, the daughter of Maj Gen Anil Bhatt AVSM SM VSM who delivered a personal message from the Colonel of the Regiment.

The accompanying letter said:

‘The replica medals of the Late Havildar Bom Bahadur Chhetri (KIA) have been obtained through the good offices of Maj Gen Kishan Singh, AVSM, VSM (Retd), Hav Bom Bahadur’s former Commanding Officer, Colonel Alok Dash (retd) of 4/9th Gorkha Rifles, who remembers Havildar Bom Bahadur Chhettri very well, and Col. N C Khuman, the present Commanding Officer of the 4/9th Gorkha Rifles (Chindits), who sends, with the Medals, his best wishes to LCpl Anil Chhetri for his future career with the Royal Gurkha Rifles.”

Following the presentation, LCpl Anil, his wife and son attended a curry lunch and had the great opportunity to meet the only remaining British officers from 9GR who served in WWII and before partition, namely Capt (Retd) Bruce Roberts and Maj (Retd) Jim Meeke and the QGOOs.

LCpl Anil receiving medals at Museum

LCpl Anil said, “It was a truly amazing experience and I was honoured to be there. I would like to thank my OC for a life changing experience, his selflessness and persistence has benefited my family for years to come. Without his help, there is no way that I would ever have been able to do this and it will never be forgotten. May my father’s departed soul rest in heaven.”

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