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Op MARMAT visit by Col BG

Op MARMAT team

Col BG visits the Op MARMAT team

Whilst on his recent visit to Nepal, Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas (Colonel James Robinson) made a visit to Construction Supervision Team for Op MARMAT 4 who are organising the various building works across the area affected by the earthquake in 2015.

Massive earthquakes in April and May 2015 caused terrible destruction in wide areas of central Nepal. Entire villages in isolated rural areas of the Himalayan foothills were flattened.

Thousands were killed and millions of people across Nepal were left homeless, including around 1,200 Gurkha veterans and widows.

Op MARMAT team

Op MARMAT team brief to Col BG

Col BG was given a brief about the planning and the work still to be completed and he took the opportunity to not only thank the team but also inform them about current business in the Brigade

Visit to the Regimental Associations in Pokhara

Visit to the Regimental Associations in Pokhara

As part of his recent visit to Nepal, the Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas (Colonel James Robinson) went to see the chairmen of the Regimental Associations Nepal in Pokhara.

He was briefed on current issues and gave an update on progress.



The Colonel welcomed to chance to engage with veterans and took the opportunity to inform them of the current news from within the Brigade of Gurkhas.

Visit to the Regimental Associations in Pokhara

Col BG Briefing

Association in Pokhara

The Association in Pokhara

Nepali Language course

Nepali Language course

The Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas (Colonel James Robinson) recently visited the Sano Sahebs on their ten week Nepali language course.

On this course they not only learn Nepali but also learn more about Nepal, its people, culture and the customs.

During his visit he gave them an update on the Brigade of Gurkhas and stressed how important language is to properly lead Gurkha soldiers.

Gurkha chefs

Gurkha chefs at work

Chefs from the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment have been praised for their support to a Gala dinner to launch World Curry Festival 2016 in Bradford.

Thulo shyabas to LCpl Ram Pun and LCpl Mukesh Rai who both played such a key role in helping Grand Master Chef Hemant Oberoi open the event in Bradford Cathedral.

The black tie dinner also saw the introduction of the Noon Award, in honour of the late Lord Noon. Known as the Curry King, Lord Noon was instrumental in introducing festival organiser Zulfi Karim to supporters of the event like Mr Oberoi.

The inaugural award was presented to Lord Noon’s daughter, Zeenat Noon Harnal. In future years it will be given to an individual who has shown talent in the curry industry.  You can read more here.

Welfare Officers Gurkha Welfare trust

Welfare Officers Gurkha Welfare trust

The Gurkha Welfare Trust are seeking new Area Welfare Officers and Assistant Area Welfare Officers to be based in Nepal.

They are currently seeking Area Welfare Officers to implement the Trust’s welfare programme for Gurkha veterans, their families and communities in Nepal.
Applicants must be Nepali citizens and have served with the UK Brigade of Gurkhas or Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force
For further information: Please contact or call +977 61-440474.
Khukuri dance

Khukuri dance

Last week the Defence Logistic Trust, in addition to making a colossal £3m donation to the Royal Logistic Corps, presented the Gurkha Welfare Trust with an incredible £300,000 donation.

This most generous of gifts will change the lives of many of our ex-Gurkhas and their countrymen by supporting vital infrastructure projects, including schools, in Nepal delivered under the Gurkha Welfare Scheme.

GWT members

GWT members

To honour this occasion, The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment hosted a capability demonstration and lunch at our home in Gale Barracks. Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas was also present as a trustee of the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Those serving in the Brigade of Gurkhas and The Royal Logistic Corps, and the Gurkha Welfare Trust, would like to pay tribute to the staff of the Defence Logistic Trust.



We thank them for the vision, passion and dedication they have not only shown to the people of Nepal but also to 1,000’s of soldiers of our Corps who have benefited for nearly 3 decades from their Vocational scheme.


Jai Defence Logistic Trust!

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