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World Record set as Gurkha Officer reaches the South Pole

southpole2Lieutenant Scott Sears (Royal Gurkha Rifles) has become the youngest person to reach the South Pole on his own and unsupported in only 38 days. 

He reached his destination on Christmas Day after negotiating 700 miles+ of Antarctic plateau, crevasse fields and glaciers.

The 27-year-old officer has raised over £30,000 for The Gurkha Welfare Trust and schools destroyed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

southpole1Whilst waiting at the pole for a gap in the weather to be taken by plane back to Union Glacier he said: “The last 5 weeks have been a huge challenge but I’m proud to be standing here now after 2 years of planning and training.

“It’s going to take a few weeks for everything to sink in, I’ve been alone in a tent for nearly 6 weeks so it’s all a bit overwhelming”.

He said his 38-day trek saw him face wind and cold that saw temperatures fall below -30C (-20F).

He pulled a sledge containing all of his food, fuel and equipment that at more than 100kg (220lb) was heavier than him. His route from Hercules Inlet saw him gain more than 11,000ft over his trip.

He also had to deal with whiteout conditions which either meant he could barely see where he was going or he had to stop and make camp until the weather cleared again.

southpole3Lieutenant Scott Sears is hoping to be back in the UK for the New Year celebrations. 

You can read more from Scott on his Blog.



coins5Commanding Officer (CO) 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles, Lieutenant Colonel Crowe, presented CO’s Coin to 25 members of the Battalion (including 2 civilians) for their outstanding contribution throughout the year.

He congratulated Corporal Netra Rana who represented Great Britain and won a Silver medal in Invictus Games in Canada recently and those members of the Battalion who won a gold medal in Cambrian Patrol Competition, won Tri-Service Catering Competition, Trailwalker and Nepal Cup 2017.

He also presented Long Service and Good Conduct Medals and promoted two Corporals to the rank of Sergeant.

COMARRC, Lieutenant General Tim Radford presents commendations to officers and soldiers of Imjin Barracks, Gloucester. Photographer: (Crown Copyright / Warrant Officer Class 2 Tom Robinson GBR Army / Released)

Two Gurkha soldiers from the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion (ARRC) recently received Commander ARRC commendations.

They were awarded by Lieutenant General Tim Radford CB DSO OBE for outstanding professionalism and commitment during the exercise period.

ARRC Support Battalion provide a bespoke and resilient staff working environment which can be deployed anywhere in the world at short notice to allow the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Headquarters to carry out their command role in any type of conflict.

The battalion also provides the crucial real life support and protection that enables this key Headquarters to focus on its operational role.


COMARRC, Lieutenant General Tim Radford presents commendations to officers and soldiers of Imjin Barracks, Gloucester. Photographer: (Crown Copyright / Warrant Officer Class 2 Tom Robinson GBR Army / Released)

COMARRC, Lieutenant General Tim Radford presents commendations to officers and soldiers of Imjin Barracks, Gloucester. Photographer: (Crown Copyright / Warrant Officer Class 2 Tom Robinson GBR Army / Released)

Dear all Gurkha Brigade Association friends, please find below the link to all online version of Parbate.

This is November-December’s edition and it covers some events including:

  • Field of Remembrance Westminster 2017
  • Brigade of Gurkhas Colonel Commandant visits
    Singapore and Brunei
  • Op RUMAN
  • Recruit Intake 2017 Pass out Parade with the
    Minister for the Armed Forces
  • Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall with
    2 Royal Gurkha Rifles in Brunei

Merry Christmas,

The Brigade of Gurkhas Media Team.


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Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) is an annual international marathon race which is run every first Sunday of December in Singapore and a team of Gurkhas were taking part. We hear from Lance Corporal Prabesh Rai about how he got on.
marathon-route-map-social-media-highresSCSM is a gold label road race by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), placing it on the same league with other marathon such as London Marathon and Dubai Marathon. SCSM was established in 2002 and marked their 15th anniversary in 2016. SCSM 2017 was held on 3rd December and consisted of five different categories of competition: Full Marathon, Half marathon, 10km race, Ekiden race and Kids dash.
This year, four members from 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles Regimental Admin Office Detachment took part in SCSM:
  • Sergeant Nishan Rai,
  • Corporal Jiban Tamang
  • Lance Corporal Prabesh Rai
  • Lance Corporal Biraj Thapa. 
Planning and preparation for the event started in June 2017 when we registered ourselves for marathon.
The whole event was led by Corporal Jiban Tamang assisted by the other members of the detachment. We arrived in Singapore on 1st December 2017, checked in to our hotel and refreshed ourselves before heading to Marina Bay Sands exhibition hall to check in ourselves for the run on 3 December with the SCSM team. It was like a festival where hundreds of motivated runners were present and excited about the run. The next day, we prepared ourselves for the main event by having proper diet and enough sleeping hours.
scsm-17On the morning of 3rd December, at 0450 Hrs, as the siren went off, the 42.195km race began. We ran together for almost 5km then we started to run independently. At the beginning I thought that it was going to be easy but for how long for was my question for? Upon completion of the first 20km, I was experiencing a significant amount of pain around my lower back which made my running difficult.
I came to a point where I felt like I could not complete my race due to my aching back and I chose to walk for more than a mile. Eventually I felt little relieve after walking and started to run again.
I ran at my best pace to catch up with the time I lost even though my legs were not giving in to the situation. Once I reached the Shears Bridge (38km point), the soles of my feet were aching on every step. The pain on the feet gradually increased and I was using my heels to walk at a certain point. Every time I started to walk instead of run, I had mixed feelings running through my mind.  This was the ultimate challenge for my physical and mental state. I only had a few kilometres of the race left my mind took over my body and I diverted all the energy I had remaining to my limbs to complete the race.
Finally, I completed the race and it was the best experience of my life as everyone was cheering and applauding at the finishing line.  The medal presentation and refreshment at the end made me feel proud of what I had achieved that day.
scsm-17-3The 42.195km  run was a life changing experience for the whole team. The main lesson I learnt was to stay determined if you want to achieve something in life as it does not come easy. There are many factors that affect the results we expect from trying to achieve some of the goals in our lifes.
SCSM 2017 will always be one of the best moments of our lives and would also like to express our gratitude towards our management team for their support in our success. 
“Small steps can make a big difference”.

gwac_dec17_007On Thursday 7th December Lieutenant General Nick Pope CBE paid a visit to the Gurkha Welfare Advice Centre (GWAC) in Aldershot. Visiting in his two responsibilities as Chairman of the Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) and Colonel Commandant Brigade of Gurkhas, he was accompanied by Mr Al Howard, Director GWT, and Colonel James Robinson, Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas.

The GWAC is a joint GWT and Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas (HQBG) project.

gwac_dec17_013He was hosted by the Brigade Welfare Officers, Captain (Retd) Mahendra Limbu and Hon Lieutenant (Retd) Tulbahadur Gurung.  He was shown around the facility and was introduced to a number of veterans, some had just arrived from Nepal and were being given help to reside in UK and some were getting assistance to return to live in Nepal.

Captain Mahendra then provided a comprehensive presentation on the history of the GWAC, which has been supporting Gurkha veterans coming to UK since the law change in 2009. He also explained the process of settlement which begins with clarification of documentation with the Records Office in Pokhara and then a visit to the Gurkha Settlement Office in Kathmandu (also jointly supported by GWT and HQBG) to learn about life in UK and to start the initial documentation.

gwac_dec17_020He continued by briefing on how some of the veterans coming to the UK gained support from service charities who are the experts in welfare delivery however the GWT provides annual grants to these organisations to assist.  Finally General Pope learnt about recent changes to the online applications and the introduction of the Universal Credit.

At the end of his visit he thanked the staff and volunteers at GWAC for their hard work  and dedication in looking after Gurkha veterans.

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