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Gurkha Pension Scheme – 2018 update

The existing rates of Gurkha Retirement Pension, Gurkha Service Pension, Gurkha Disability Pension and Gurkha Family Pension have been revised with effect from 1 April 2018. The current rates, which are based on Indian Army pensions, but incorporate a welfare related cash uplift to take account of the benefits in kind provided to Indian Army ex-servicemen, have received a 2018 pension increment of 4.2% to take account of cost of living increases in Nepal. In line with existing policy the increase is based on the Rastra Bank consumer price index for inflation in Nepal. The increase also applies to Dearness Allowance which is used in calculating Indian Army Pay for gratuity purposes. Full details can be found on this link.

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gsps-cyprus116 members of the Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support Company (GSPS) recently undertook a level three Adventure Training (AT) in British Forces Cyprus from 18th – 23rd March 2018.

Since the inception of GSPS in 2011, this multi-activity exercise is the first of its kind which proved remarkable and challenging experience to all the participants especially the organiser.

The group undertook series of  activities ranging from rock climbing, mountain biking to hill walking. It not only offered arduous and exhilarating type three AT that tested individuals’ determination, endurance (both physical and mental) but also enhanced team cohesion amongst participants from dispersed locations.

GSPS is grateful to the Colonel Brigade of Gurkha and Chief of Staff Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas for supporting and guiding in making Exercise KANCHHA KHUKRI a success.



itc_ex2_001The Recruit Intake 2018 Introductory Exercise 2 was conducted over the period 22nd – 23rd March 2018 in the Catterick Training Area.  It was second experience for the 270 young Gurkha trainees living in field conditions and learning more field craft knowledge and skills. 

itc_ex2_002On the first day they were deployed out on the ground on foot with their personal equipment carried on their backs.  They were shown a demonstration on how to judge distance and given an experience of how things or objects appear as the distance increases further in the field. 

They were then given an opportunity to practice themselves judging the distance under the supervision of their own respective section commanders. 

itc_ex2_003Further field craft lessons including duties of a ground sentry, indication of a target and reaction to fire control orders were delivered by the section commanders.

On the second day, Commanding Officer 2 Battalion Infantry Training Centre visited the trainees and witnessed how the lessons are delivered.  He was immensely impressed to see the standard and performance of the trainees in these early days of their training. 

itc_ex2_004On completion of the exercise all trainees were extracted back to Camp on foot.  It was a huge stepping stone for the new trainees in their nine months intensive training with Gurkha Company on their way to becoming trained members of the British Army. 

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This is March’s edition and it covers some events including:

  • Holi – Festival of Colours
  • The Minister of State for the Armed Forces
    visits Nepal
  • The Gurkha Brigade Association Day 2018
  • Recruit Induction Training 2017
  • Brigade of Gurkhas Drill Instructor Course 1801

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itc_mar_colbg_003On the 19th and 20th March, Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas, Colonel James Robinson, visited Gurkha Company at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick. The main purpose of his visit was to see Recruit Intake 18’s new Gurkha recruits. He was hosted by Major Prem Gurung MBE, OC Gurkha Company.

itc_mar_colbg_004On the Monday he had the opportunity to see some of the recruits under-going weapon handling training and was able to speak to them about the journey to UK and their initial experiences at Catterick. He also paid a visit to the Bhuddist temple to discuss some minor upgrades required. 

In the evening he gave a talk to all 270 recruits in the Dining Hall.  He congratulated them on being successful in the arduous Gurkha recruitment process and reminded them of the importance of upholding the Gurkha name, famous around the world, achieved by brave actions and hard work by their predecessors over 200 years.  He then gave a talk to the Permanent Staff and conducted a question and answer session.

Before departing he paid office calls on the Commandant School of Infantry, CO Support Battalion and CO 2 Infantry Training Battalion. On finishing he signed the Gurkha Company Visitors’ Book.

itc_mar_colbg_002 itc_mar_colbg_005

qoglr-shooting4The 10 Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (QOGLR) Operational Shooting Team has had a fantastic start to the shooting season, competing at and winning the 101 Logistic Brigade Operational Shooting Competition held at Ash Ranges over 12th-15th March 2018.

The team, which included four novices, underwent three weeks of training prior to the competition where under the tutelage and leadership of Corporal Sonic (36 Squadron), and 2nd Lieutenant Stephenson (1 Squadron), the team developed their marksmanship, studied the different assessments, and even battled the worst of the British weather. Throughout this training period, there was a huge amount of support from the Regiment which enabled the team to progress and develop at a rapid rate.

qoglr-shooting1From the outset of the competition the team put on a dominant performance, with Lance Corporal Arshu, Corporal Sonic, Corporal Chhabi, and Private Anish all taking the awards for the top score in a number of the assessments. By the end of the competition the team had won eight out of the nine events including the Fire Team Falling Plate assessment on the final day where both 10 QOGLR fire teams faced each other in the semi final, with Delta Fire Team emerging victorious and moving on to the final where they went on to secure victory against 4 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps.

The superb performance throughout the week led to 10 QOGLR winning the competition, and qualifying for the upcoming 3 UK Division Operational Shooting Competition. Lance Corporal Arshu  was awarded the Best Shot of the competition, and 2nd Lieutenant Stephenson won the award for the Best Officer. qoglr-shooting3


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