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1 Royal Gurkha Rifles on the streets of Kabul

This video was captured by the BFBS team visiting 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles who are currently on Operation TORAL 7 in Kabul, Afghanistan. This is part of the wider NATO mission Operation RESOLUTE SUPPORT. 

You can find out more about the work on Operation TORAL and behind the scenes with the battalion on our BLOG PAGE for the Operation


Potential recruits to The Brigade of Gurkhas and military staff based in British Gurkhas Dharan can now listen to the full service from Gurkha Radio, BFBS.

Dharan is one of two regional selection areas for the Brigade, so the installation of a new transmitter in this eastern region of Nepal means that the service can be heard on 107.5FM.

This will help to inform the potential recruits and local community about the training, operations and activities being undertaken by the Brigade worldwide.

Colonel James Robinson, Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas, said: “I am hugely grateful for the work and support of SSVC.  With their assistance we are now broadcasting across Kathmandu Valley, in Pokhara and now to Dharan.

“Gurkha Radio BFBS provides up to date news on what the Brigade is achieving.  Linking with our veterans in Nepal and UK is a vital part of us being one Gurkha family. So a warm welcome to Dharan to Gurkha Radio, BFBS.”

This is not the first time that BFBS Radio has been broadcast in this region. In 1982 BFBS Dharan was established as the ‘smallest but most picturesque of radio stations’ and was run by the Queens Gurkha Signals but it closed in 1989.

Gurkha Radio, BFBS broadcasts in Nepalese on AM and DAB in selected UK locations as well as on FM in the Falkland Islands, Afghanistan, Brunei, Nepal, Belize and on Ops.

Listen online at and connect on Facebook @GurkhaRadio and via the free-to-download BFBS Radio app.

The Brigade Culture Language Team holds the first Basic Nepali Language Course (BNLC) in the Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas at Camberley.

The first three-week long BNLC was held in the HQBG, Camberley over the period of 7th – 25th January 19. The course was officially opened by the Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas J G Robinson, mentioning the importance of the Brigade language, culture and tradition.

BNLC is three-week long course. It is tailored for personnel attached to Brigade of Gurkhas Units to provide a basic understanding of Nepali language, culture and tradition.


Lieutenant Scott Sears (Royal Gurkha Rifles) was awarded Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) on the New Year’s Honours 2019.

On Christmas Day 2017 He reached the South Pole, securing the world record as the youngest person to do so alone and unassisted attracting highly positive media coverage for the Army, and raising over £40,000 for the Gurkha Welfare Fund.

He did not hold the requisite military adventure training qualifications to conduct his attempt as a military expedition, so chose to pursue it in his own time and without drawing on the public purse.

His record breaking expedition demonstrated to the public the finest qualities they can expect from the Army: bravery, determination, sheer ability and adventurous spirit.

Colonel J G Robinson, current and long serving Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas, was awarded Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) on the New Year’s Honours 2019.

Throughout his unparalleled six-year tenure, he has made an immense contribution to the Colours. He advises CGS and Ministers on Gurkha matters and manages the practicalities of issues as far back as the 1947 Tripartite Agreement with India and Nepal through modern immigration policy for Nepali citizens with family connections to British Gurkhas.

In 2015 he oversaw Gurkha 200, the bicentennial of Gurkhas in the British Army.

He has worked tirelessly to reinforce the esprit de corps of the Brigade and ensure that it is able to give its absolute utmost to the Army.

He has demonstrated extraordinary ability, vision, capacity and resilience, as well as results, well above what should be expected, and on sustained basis.

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