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Raising money for the Gurkha Museum

25th May 2021

Raising money for the Gurkha Museum - 248 Gurkha Signal Squadron

To honour the rich heritage and Kaida of the Gurkhas, 248 Gurkha Signal Squadron are embarking on a series of arduous challenges from 17th May – 4th July 2021 to raise money for The Gurkha Museum (Winchester) – our targeted amount is £2248.

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The Challenges are:

London to Kathmandu and Return (17th May – 4th July 2021)

A whole squadron effort to contribute to an accumulative distance travelled, under their own power (Running, Cycling, Rowing), equal to London to Kathmandu and back (14,654 km).

Mt Everest Ascent (5th June 2021)

Utilising the terrain of the Peak District, Soldiers will ascend the elevation of Sagarmartha (Mt Everest) (8,848.86 m) carrying 15kg in the traditional carry basket (Doko), in honour of Nepalese tradition and the arduous Gurkha recruit selection.

Hero Workout (14th – 20th June 2021)

Soldiers will complete a “Hero Workout”, each day for seven days. These will be a punishing circuit workout to commemorate fallen comrades and the work done by heroes of the NHS throughout the pandemic.

248 Challenge (4th July 2021)

The final challenge will see four teams compete against each other to accumulate a total distance of 248km (each team will complete 62km – 21Km run, 37km cycle & 4km row).

The Gurkha Museum trust relies on public support and has struggled during the national lockdown like many other museums and places of interest.

248 Gurkha Signal Squadron kindly requests your generosity and support to help preserve our heritage, protect our history and promote our Kaida!

You can donate here

JustGiving website

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