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250 Gurkha Signal Squadron Support to Operation MARZANNA

13th July 2022

Earlier this year service personnel from 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron, 30 Signal Regiment (30 SR) deployed on Operation MARZANNA to provide Communications and Information Systems capability support for the 2* Standing Joint Force Headquarters (SJFHQ) in Nemenčinė, Lithuania. SJFHQ was embedded under Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF), a collaboration of like-minded nations led by the UK, and partner nations – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, as part of Operation MARZANNA. The deployment was to coordinate military activities from and between JEF nations in the Baltic Sea region at a time of heightened focus on regional security and cooperation.

250 Gurkha Signal Squadron Support to Operation MARZANNA

30 SR were deployed in advance to set the conditions for the main body, comprising of staff users and augmentees. Prior to the deployment, plans were formulated and scrutinised to ensure full operating capability was achieved within the strict timelines. Once the initial requirement and request by the staff users were satisfied, sustainment and continuity of services and capabilities were prioritised in parallel with the HQ operational battle rhythm. Due to the importance and nature of the Operation, it gained immense interest from partner nations and multiple visits were coordinated throughout the duration to accommodate them. Concurrent social events, Gurkha messing was organised to foster a team cohesion spirit in a multi-national and branch working environment. In addition, a charity volleyball competition and 2k relay race event were also organised in support of the local Nemenčinė children’s charity. Despite stiff competition from other military teams, the mighty 250 GSS triumphed on both events. The successful charity event raised a total sum of 500 Euros.

Visits to Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city was arranged routinely to provide opportunities to learn about local custom and cultures. We were able to witness the beauty and understand the culture of Lithuania. It was a good opportunity and experience to be in this operation especially to the new soldier like us. We got the chance to work in different environment with partner nation officers and soldiers. The operation ended on the 29th of May was the end of the task for most but for us it signalled the time to start powering down our kit and pack all the equipment into the respective ISO containers with all the required documentation. On the 5th of June the team returned to Bramcote Barracks having successfully provided support to the task.

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