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3 Peaks Challenge carrying 25kg in a Doko” ARRC Support Battalion

4th June 2020

Sergeant Sushil Chamling and Corporal Suresh Ale Magar from Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) Support Battalion located at Imjin Barracks, Gloucester are attempting to raise money for the Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Trust by taking on the challenge of completing 26.045km distance which is combined heights of world’s top 3 tallest mountains, carrying 25 kg in a Gurkha traditional basket called “DOKO”.

The “DOKO” is used in Nepal as part of the traditional Gurkha final selection. With 25kg weight in it, potential Gurkhas are to sprint a steep 5km uphill to test individual’s endurance and determination. It will be themed at “3 Peaks Challenge” namely – Mount Everest, K2 and Kanchenjunga.

ARRC Sp Bn DOKO Challenge

This is mainly to express our gratitude to those front-line workers, who have proven themselves to be perhaps the most important members of our community. COVID-19 has not been too kind to us. It has been ruthless in its attempt to dismantle our society. It has presented itself to be insatiably greedy for human lives. Our world has experienced an economic crisis and many families have been destroyed by it. Consequently, our world has found itself in an extremely difficult situation.

However, amidst this gloomy and sombre circumstances, a group of people has emerged heroically and has been made apparent to all of us – the Front-Line workers. They have been extraordinary in how they have risen to the occasion and took the challenges head-on. Despite being amid a scarcity of funding and resources in contrast to the ever-demanding requirement, they have been putting their lives in danger 24/7 and are perpetually combating this ghastly virus bridging the gap. What admirable and courageous human being they are! The least they deserve is the best.

We hope to raise as much as possible. We aim to donate the raised amount to the Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Trust. The trust has not only been so admirable during this uncharted time of our generation but also over the years has undoubtedly provided tremendous service to the local community, whether it be for emergencies or just general appointments. Therefore, it is nothing but our obligation to try to at least match their effort, if not do more.

You can help support them on their JustGiving webpage

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