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68th Gurkha Company Birthday    

28th August 2019

On the 10th August 2019, Gurkha Company Catterick celebrated the 68th Gurkha Company Birthday.

All of us trainees including Platoon Staff Sahebs’ and Gurujis’ along with their families celebrated this birthday in a very enjoyable way following our tradition and Kaidas. Even though we are thousands of miles apart from our close ones, but on that day, we felt as if we were celebrating with our family and friends, such a homely environment was created.

Not only we cut cake by platoon, but there were lots of activities that we had to take part as a platoon. For example, we had an inter-platoon photo board competition. Photo board is the reflection of our journey from Nepal to British Army reflecting our training, culture, ethics and hard work.  It is one of the things to do before we leave this place. The dedication and hard work of all numberis from my platoon were seen at the end when we finished our product. We were all amazed to see it and very happy to feel the team spirit that we have with in our platoon.

On the morning of the D-Day, 10th August 2019, 12 Trainee Riflemen form each platoon were selected to represent their platoon in sports activities. There were nine different sports stands and all the scores were recorded to finalise the winner platoon in the end.  The spirit and activeness shown on the competition along with the support from rest of the platoon members were highly rewarding.  As most of the Trainee Riflemen were involved in potted sports, Platoon Staff were involved in Senior Non-Commissioned Officers / Officers versus Junior Non-Commissioned Officers football competition. During the prize ceremony we were all glad to see our section commanders team winning the football trophy.

Farewell and Welcome programmes were held during the actual programme in the late afternoon at Bhanu Square. We welcomed our New Second in Command Saheb, Captain Kiran Pun MVO, along with other Platoon Commander Sahebs and Platoon Sergeant gurujis. We bid farewell to our out going Second in Command Saheb, Captain Milan Chandra Rai. It was both a sad and a happy moment.

On the occasion of Birthday, entertainment plays a vital role and there were various types of Nepali cultural and western style dance shows in the evening. We had a live band performance by our fellow numberis which was magnificent. We all fully enjoyed the dance and all those pains gained during our hard times in training we all forgotten.

We really enjoyed the 68th Gurkha Company Birthday. Sharing of happiness with each other made the Birthday very enjoyable and memorable moments for all of us. All those hard times and good times both were shared. We are all now looking forward and very excited for our mid-course leave starting from next week.

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