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A Supporting Role to our Families on the Frontline during COVID-19

10th August 2020

A Supporting Role to our Families on the Frontline during COVID-19

A Supporting Role to our Families on the Frontline during COVID-19
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of The First Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles (1 RGR) soldiers’ wives have been working on the frontline in hospitals, as support workers and in care homes.

1 RGR has given the opportunity to soldiers to support their families by introducing working from home. This change of working environment has boosted the morale of the families by enabling them to fight coronavirus while their husbands supported them at home.

Mrs Sadikchhya Rana (Wife of Sergeant Santaram Rana) said: “I had just returned to work from my maternity leave and things were already tough having to leave your little one at home. Just when things started to settle down, we had the pandemic. It was difficult and what I found the most challenging was not only dealing with the deadly disease, but also wearing the PPE. We’d work in full gown, visors, FFP3 masks, gloves and hats to cover our heads. To all this, there was another added stress and fear of ‘Am I taking this home with me?’ or ‘I might pass it on to my family’. It was absolutely terrifying but during this whole time I felt really supported and lucky to have my husband at home who was looking after our son while I was at work. He is in Support Company, 1 RGR, but during the pandemic they were working from home, which enabled me to go to work knowing that my husband and my son are safe at home. I really do feel extremely proud to be an army wife.”

A Supporting Role to our Families on the Frontline during COVID-19

Mrs Kristina Gurung (Wife of Lance Corporal Rem Bahadur Gurung): “I’ve been a nurse for nearly four years now and never did I think I would be nursing during a global pandemic but then again, I don’t think anybody anticipated COVID-19. When I first heard that the ward next door to me was receiving its first COVID-19 positive patient I was scared and very anxious. Our hospital was quickly filling up with COVID patients. With no PPE to begin with, I was very nervous. COVID-19 was hitting the staff as well which meant most of us had to isolate. Throughout this pandemic, I’ve been lucky to have my husband home with me. 1 RGR have been fantastic during this pandemic and have introduced working from home. Support Company organised a ‘Run to Medicina’ event in May which my husband took part as well. On my days off I would also join my husband and go on walks/run with him. It was a great way to destress from all the chaos in the hospital. It has been a great morale booster and I would like to personally thank 1 RGR for this.”

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