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Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion train for Greenland Expedition

28th January 2019
Ten individuals from Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion took part in ‘Intro to Winter Mountaineering’, with was run by Adventurous Training Wing Inverness. 
The week consisted of learning basic skills required to operate in a winter mountain environment including practicing ice axe/ crampon technique and avalanche awareness. 
This is the first of a series of courses required in preparation for a Type 3 Adventurous Training Expedition to Greenland this coming July. 
The overseas trip is being run for members of the Battalion where they will also receive further training and complete the Alpine Mountaineering Foundation course. 
One of the aims of the trip is to offer as many junior first tour soldiers the opportunity to be part of a self supported exploratory expedition which will develop the participants into future Joint Service Adventurous Training Instructors.  

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