The Gurkha Brigade Association represents all the Regimental Associations of Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas. Veterans and serving, and all ranks, anyone who has served with the Brigade of Gurkhas is a member. Our role is to foster comradeship and welfare, to preserve the heritage and history of the Brigade of Gurkhas and to sponsor and support Association or Brigade events. We work very closely with Headquarters the Brigade of Gurkhas, the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the Gurkha Museum, for the benefit of our soldiers and ex-servicemen. We provide information on relevant news and events, in UK and abroad, as well as help and advice for those starting a second career outside the Brigade

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Army Redundancy Update – Adjustments to Tranche 4 Yields

6th May 2014

The Directorate of Manning (Army) have released new figures for Tranche 4 of Redundancy.  These show a reduction in most T4 Yields due to changes in the Fields to Yield ratio. It is also because HQBG and BG units have been able to achieve some small liability growth. These figures may still reduce a little more for further BG liability growth and any transfers take place before Notification. The Notification Day remains 12 June 2014.
Thereafter the HQBG Transition team will deliver a Communication Plan which will include visits to BG units to provide talks on Immigration and Settlement, Career Transition Partnership preparation, Transfer opportunities, the Reserves and Housing.

Click here to view actual numbers being adjusted.

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