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Being the Pass of the Square Champion 2020

1st June 2020

Being the Pass of the Square Champion 2020

Every recruit probably has dreamt of lifting the trophy of overall Pass of Square (POS) champion. The trophy now has my name engraved on it due only to my hard work, support from instructors.

The 28th May 2020 was the final day of our Phase 1 training, the time came to show all the hard work and determination in front of the judges. I was very nervous but moreover, I was confident. The day began with inspection of our drill outfit followed by individual drill which went excellent in my point of view. Deep down in my heart, I had a little spark of being a potential candidate for the award.

After we finished our lunch, our guruji informed us that there was a tie between two recruits from our 2 Platoon for the title of POS champion. We were all astonished and happy to hear the news and the names. I was ready to compete with my numberi for the trophy. We stood up in the platform in front of Officer in Command Saheb, 2IC Saheb and CSM Saheb who were the judges to decide the winner.

Intake 2020
Intake 2020
Intake 2020

I was fully energetic throughout the tie breaking drill competition. I was only focusing on the word of command and I could see the trophy in front of my eyes. When our drill orders and delivery ended, I heard a big round of applause and Shabash. It was truly a remarkable moment.

At 1400hrs sharp, all 432 recruits, permanent staff and officers convened at the parade square for the awards ceremony. I was earnestly waiting for my name to be called upon by our Officer Commanding Saheb but also my competitor numberi had same chances as well which made me feel anxious. Finally, it was the moment of truth and you could have heard a pin drop. I prayed to god that I could hear my name called out. I only remember hearing “Ashal Tulachan” and I marched to the stage where I was honoured by PDT rank slide, Khukuri and overall POS champion trophy by the Commanding Officer Saheb. I was overwhelmed by the applause.

I really appreciate the efforts of our gurujis and Saheb from my deepest part of my heart. I was able to lift the trophy only because of what our gurujis and Saheb taught. I also would like to thank 2ITB Gurkha Company for organising such type of competition that enhances the confidence of recruits to become a true Gurkha soldier.

By Trainee Rifleman Ashal Tulachan

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