Brigade Bhela 2019

The Brigade of Gurkhas, veterans, families and friends gathered for the annual Brigade Bhela at Queen’s Avenue in Aldershot on 13th July 2019.

Events included:

  • Nepal Cup 3rd place pay off and final
  • Ladies Volleyball competition
  • Unit Tug of War
  • Thelo competition
  • Display of Taekwondo by Recruit Intake 19
  • Music and marching band display by the Band and Pipes of Drums of the Brigade of Gurkhas
  • Cultural dancing and music
  • Local community stalls 
  • Gurkha Museum stall
  • Unit stalls
  • Fairground rides
  • Support from BFBS Gurkha

The Nepal Cup was won by the Queen’s Gurkha Signals 1-0 over 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles over a tough game. 

The Ladies Volleyball was won by a team from 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles, who overpowered the other teams on the day.

The Tug of War was won by the Queen’s Gurkha Signals.  

A Thelo Competition also took place on the man arena, with some really impressive throws of the heavy ball. 


The day allowed old friends and colleagues to gather and catch up and feel part of the family of the Brigade of Gurkhas.  With young Gurkha family children present through to senior retired officers and Gurkha soldiers now in retirement the event is a true family event.

More photos from the event can be found here.