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Brigade of Gurkhas 2018 Versatile Engagement (Full) Conditional Board Offers

22nd November 2018

The Versatile Engagement (VEng) was introduced as a new type of engagement on 1st January 2008. VEng consists of three stages:

  • Short (a career of 12 years),
  • Full (a career of 24 years) and
  • Long (a career of 30 years) 

Since 2008 all new recruits have entered Service on a VEng (Short) engagement.  In 2016 and 2017 a total of 115 and 241 BG personnel in Intake 2008 – 2010 were offered VEng(F) respectively.   

In boarding years 2016, 2017 & 2018 a total of 502 BG personnel across Intakes 2008 – 2011 have been selected for a VEng(F) conversion.    

Results of the VEng(S) to VEng(F) Conditional Board for Intake 2009, 2010 and 2011 have been announced last month.  Across the BG in 2018, 146 (this includes both automatic and conditional VEng(F) conversion offers) personnel have been offered conversion to VEng(F).  

For those soldiers who have successfully converted to VEng(F), this will be welcome news who now have the opportunity for a full 24 year career in the BG.  Personnel in Intake 2011 who have not received an offer for conversion to VEng(F) will have the opportunity to be boarded again in 2019.

There has been significant success at improving career prospects (both VEng(F) opportunities and promotion opportunities) across all Units within the Brigade. The results of this conversion board are good news for all in the BG. The BG has been working closely with DM(A) in a bid to make significant enhancements to Gurkha careers and employment prospects. 

Much of the success in increasing the VEng(F) conversion rate is the result of c.642 new posts for Gurkha soldiers and particularly the increase in Junior Non-Commissioned Officer and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer positions. Many of these are still coming on line and will continue to benefit future intakes for VEng(F) conversion purposes and promotion rates.  

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