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Brigade of Gurkhas Language and Culture Team Update

30th September 2019

The 10 week long Survival Nepali Language Course (SNLC) run twice a year in British Gurkhas Pokhara is the flagship course run by the Brigade Culture and Language Team (BCLT). The course is programmed and delivered by the BCLT and is assessed externally by Defence Requirements Authority for Culture and Language (DRACL) based at Shrivenham to Standard Language Profile Level one (SLP 1) in accordance with the guidelines laid down in Standard NATO Agreement Language Proficiency Level one.

The BCLT is currently in Nepal to deliver Course number SNLC 19/1 which commenced on 23rd September 2019. A total of 14 students, from all of the Gurkha cap-badges, are currently on the course which is expected to finish on 29th November 2019. As part of the SNLC package, all the students take part in the iconic Doko Run and complete a two-week long mandatory Directed Duty Trek in Nepal

The delivery of Nepali language and culture to prepare young British officers and soldiers to serve with Gurkhas goes to the heart of the Brigade. The SNLC offers a rare opportunity to young officers joining the Brigade to learn, first hand, about the people, culture and the rich tradition of the Gurkha soldier in a unique environment.

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