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British High Commissioner to Brunei visits British Forces Brunei

18th September 2020

British Forces Brunei hosted the new British High Commissioner to Brunei.

Mr John Virgoe, the new British High Commissioner to Brunei, has paid a visit to British Forces Brunei on 17th September 2020. (Rules on social distancing in Brunei are less strict than the UK due to a far lower level of risk in country).

The British High Commission in Brunei maintains and develops relations between the UK and Brunei.

UK HC to Brunei visit to BFB
UK HC to Brunei visit to BFB

Due to the world-wide pandemic counter-measures put in place by the Bruneian Ministry of Health, Brunei remains COVID free. This has meant that British Forces Brunei, enjoy many freedoms those around the forces world cannot. With Social Distancing reduced to one metre, team contact sports permitted, no masks required, pools and playgrounds open, and mass gatherings currently permitted up to 350 people, military training can continue at pace, unrestricted.

These freedoms are a direct result of the British Forces Brunei Community adhering to the very strict Ministry of Health guidelines since March. Though, very restrictive from the outset, these measures have meant we currently are and continue to be COVID free. The Community is now benefiting from this hard work and community spirit, with freedoms unmatched in much of the forces world.

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