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Brunei Garrison joins in global Op TEAMWORK activity

8th February 2022

Gurkhas reflect on culture, leadership and behaviours

Today, British Forces Brunei, with the rest of the Army, halted usual daily business to conduct Op TEAMWORK. To discuss culture, leadership and behaviours and how we can do more to promote better behaviours, inclusion and diversity.

The day began with Commander British Forces Brunei (BFB) addressing the Garrison parade, which was followed by presentations from the Chief of the General Staff.

As the day progressed, staff split into small discussion groups ranging across capbadge and rank to debate a number of topics.

Data and information captured during this forum will be used to inform both HQ BFB and Army HQ.

Op TEAMWORK in Brunei
Op TEAMWORK in Brunei
Op TEAMWORK in Brunei

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