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Bulford Kiwi is restored to its original splendour by 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron

17th June 2022

Well done 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron

As custodians of the monument, 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron organised a one-day event, in conjunction with Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to de-weed, re-edge and re-chalk the Kiwi and restore it to its original shape. The work party was entertained by a traditional khukuri dance before the restoration works began.

One hundred tons of chalk have been ferried to a hillside near Bulford where it was spread over the Kiwi figure to restore it to its former splendour.

The 130m-tall chalk bird, affectionately termed the ‘Bulford Kiwi’, was carved into Beacon Hill on Salisbury Plain in 1919 by New Zealand soldiers stationed there and waiting to return home at the end of the First World War. The Kiwi soldiers played a key role in the Battle of Messines which took place in Belgium in 1917. The soldiers carved the Kiwi into the chalk to commemorate their achievements during the battle.

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