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The Royal Gurkha Rifles are running a charity raffle as part of their celebrations of 25 years since the formation of The Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Even more amazing prizes have now been added 

All proceeds raised will support our service personnel; including veterans, those injured in service, and our families.

Each raffle ticket costs £10 (or there is a special offer of 10 tickets for £50). Anyone can join in with the fundraising effort and you can buy tickets from anywhere in the world (including Brunei and Nepal), but you must be over 18 years old.

To buy tickets and find out more information please visit this website.


Gurkhas from C Company 2 Royal Gurkhas Rifles are currently on exercise in Australia on Exercise PACIFIC KUKRI 19.

They are delighted to be exercising in Australia. The UK has traditionally enjoyed a close relationship with Australia and these links have been reinforced by shared experiences in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.  Gurkhas and Australian soldiers have fought together in these and previous conflicts.

The Officer Commanding said; “We are delighted that the Australian Army is willing to host an infantry company from UK Battalion, 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles, who are based in Brunei.  The company benefits from being able to utilise the Australian Training Areas for the conduct of unilateral training.  The Australian Army extends support by providing logistic support and range safety support”.  

Exercise Pacific Kukri is an annual event that alternates between Australia and New Zealand and gives the Gurkhas a chance to practice many of their required military skills and develop leadership amongst the Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers and make new friends and working relationships with the Australian Army.

Lance Corporal Ajay Tamrakar (2 Royal Gurkha Rifles) achieved a Double Distinction and Lance Corporal Amir Chamling (Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment) received a Instructor Commendation on the recent Section Commander Battle Course 1803 at Brecon.


C Company, 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles, are currently in Australia as part of Exercise Pacific Kukri 19. Whilst there they were invited to attend the ANZAC Day parade in Rockhampton.

ANZAC Day is celebrated on 25th April each year and marks the date when the allied landings took place in 1915 on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Four Gurkha battalions fought at Gallipoli including two from antecedent Regiments of the current Royal Gurkha Rifles.

ANZAC day, commemorating members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.







Gurkhas have special affinity with the day, especially since the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915 where the they fought valiantly.

Dear all Gurkha Brigade Association friends, please find below the link to all online version of Parbate.

This is April’s edition and it covers some events including:

  • Further Growth in the Brigade of Gurkhas
  • New Kabul Compound Skills House Simunition Training
  • Gurkha Company Sittang Cross Country Competition 2019
  • Historical Town Twinning between Dhampus and Brecon
  • The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers Public Duties in London

The Brigade of Gurkhas Media Team.

In the early afternoon of the 27th February 2019, Gurkha BATUK went to visit Laikipia Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Nanyuki, known locally as the Centre for Extremely Deprived Children (CEDC).

When we arrived we were introduced to six members of staff, who in turn introduced us to 45 of the accommodated children. As part of our introduction, we gave a small presentation to the staff and children, including a short history of the Gurkhas, where we come from, and how we’ve come to join the British Army. We were then able to mingle with the children who asked us many more questions about our culture and traditions.

We spoke with Centre staff about the children’s accommodation, feeding and education. The centre is funded by the Kenyan Government, but it relies heavily on other contributions to ensure a basic standard of life for its inhabitants. Kenyan, Gem Dennis, has been the lead in coordinating fundraising for the CEDC over many years. He does this with donations from local businesses and authorities, and charity events and collections that lean on the kindness of the local population and beyond. He also helps each of the children in assisting them with their sporting endeavours, academics, and with the specifics off their personal situations.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, we enjoyed playing sports with the children including football and rugby, we were then introduced to some local dancing and we all had a go.  Concurrently, the Gurkha Curry was being prepared in the garden, under the keen supervision of some of the children. The kids were so excited at how the Curry was cooked; everyone was surrounding us looking at our every single movement. However, they were so well behaved, reacting to every command that came from the staff; so loyal. They were really happy to help, collecting fire wood, bringing water from the tap; it was so exciting for them and us.

By 1700hrs, the food was ready, and we took some photographs with the children and presented them with a TV and a rugby ball, before sitting down to the traditional Gurkha Curry. The kids loved it, which made our visit worthwhile. Doing something from the bottom of our hearts is precious and remarkable in life.  

By Corporal Abinash Limbu, 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles, British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK).

The Gurkha Recruiting Website has been updated. Please use the below link to find out the most up to date information on British Army Recruitment. Videos of physical tests will follow soon.


Dear all Gurkha Brigade Association friends, please find below the link to all online version of Parbate.

This is March’s edition and it covers some events including:

  • Gurkha Recruit Intake 19 Reception and Induction
  • Operation CABRIT – Poland
  • The Police Liaison Detachment (PLD) on Operation TORAL 7
  • 10 Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment in Oman
  • Gurkha Memorial Construction Falkland Islands

The Brigade of Gurkhas Media Team.

The Brigade Culture and Language Team (BCLT) is currently in Nepal to deliver a ten week long residential Nepali language course.  The Survival Nepali Language Course (SNLC), as it is known, is run in British Gurkhas Pokhara and commenced on 18th February 2019.

The SNLC is in its second week and expected to finish on 25th April 2019 following which they complete a two week long Directed Duty Trek in Nepal. A total of ten new Young Officers across the Brigade of Gurkhas Units are participating on the course.

Colonel Royal Gurkha Rifles, Major General Strickland DSO MBE visited the BCLT during his visit to Nepal on 26th February 2018 and was briefed on its activities. He also took the time to meet the students where he re-emphasised the importance and the relevance of Young Officers learning the Nepali language. 

The delivery of Nepali language and culture to prepare British officers and soldiers to serve with Gurkhas goes to the heart of the Brigade. The SNLC offers a rare opportunity to Young Officers joining the Brigade to learn, first hand, about the people, culture and the rich tradition of the Gurkha soldier in a unique environment. 


On 11th March 2019 members of the Brigade of Gurkhas gathered with International Commonwealth dignitaries, representatives of International organisations, Embassies, High Commissions and Service representatives for the Commonwealth Commemoration event at the Memorial Gates on Constitution Hill, London.

The history behind the Memorial.

On the 6th November 2002 Her Majesty The Queen officially inaugurated the Memorial Gates on Constitution Hill, in London. These Gates have been erected as a lasting memorial to honour the five million men and women from the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Caribbean who volunteered to serve with the Armed Forces during the First and Second World Wars. They also celebrate the contribution that these men and women and their descendants, members of the Commonwealth family, continue to make to the rich diversity of British society.

Since Her Majesty opened the Memorial Gates on Constitution Hill in 2002, there has been a wreath laying ceremony at the Memorial Gates to commemorate the actions of all those from the Empire who sought for the British in the two World Wars.

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