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2 Royal Gurkha Rifles

10th April 2013

Army Canoe Polo Championships 2012 & 2013

By Rfn Yalambar Rai 2 RGR have made big waves in the Army sporting community by not only competing in, but by winning the Army Canoe Polo ...

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10th April 2013

Exercise PACIFIC KHUKRI 2013

By Rfn Roshan Gurung B Coy 4 PlThe more we sweat in training the less we bleed on the battlefield. As infantry soldiers we firmly believe this motto. ...

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26th March 2013

Ayo Gurkha Lions

Gurkhas have always been known for their bravery all over the world. The battle cries of “Ayo Gorkhali” have terrified many an enemy on the ...

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