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British Gurkhas Nepal

4th January 2016

Recruit Intake 2016 Attestation Parade

An attestation parade was held on 3 January 2016 in British Gurkhas Pokhara with the families of the successful 240 recruits invited to attend the ...

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10th December 2015

Recruit Intake 2016 – Regional selection update

Regional Selection (RS) has completed in British Gurkhas Pokhara (BGP). After the two devastating earthquakes struck Nepal the decision was made to ...

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10th September 2015

New Commander at British Gurkhas Nepal

There has been a number of changes at the command level of British Gurkhas Nepal with a new Commander BGN, new DCOS and new GM. Colonel Ian Logan ...

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12th July 2015

Gurkha 200 Bhela celebrated in UK

Almost 5000 serving and Ex- Gurkhas together with their families attended the Brigade of Gurkhas G200 Bhela which was held on Saturday, 11 July 15 in ...

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18th May 2015

Brigade of Gurkhas Support Nepal Earthquake Relief efforts

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, members of the Brigade of Gurkhas have been working hard to assist their fellow countrymen with ...

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8th February 2015

BGN – Ex Bicentennial Challenge 2015

Cycling to all Gurkha recruiting centres in Nepal to raise money for GWT on the occasion of G200 Recruitment of young boys from Nepal into the ...

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