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29th April 2015

The Nepal Earthquake and our Response: Why, What and When.

"However far away I may be My country steps into my dreams Mero Desh (Bhupi Sherchan)" At midday on Saturday, 25 April 2015, a massive earthquake ...

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29th April 2015

Gurkha Everest Expedition Update

After enduring avalanches and being cut off for a number of days the Himalayan Odyssey team have now reorganised at Everest Base Camp and will ...

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9th April 2015

Gurkha 200 Launch to the national media at the Army and Navy Club

The Brigade of Gurkhas and the Gurkha Welfare Trust launched Gurkha 200 to the national media at the Army and Navy Club today. 17 members of the ...

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7th November 2014

HRH Prince Harry meets Gurkha VC

HRH Prince Harry met the Brigade of Gurkhas' sole surviving Victoria Cross holder, Rambahadur Limbu VC, MVO, at the opening ceremony of the ...

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24th September 2014

Gurkha Chautara gets royal opening

  The Gurkha Chautara at the National Memorial Arboretum was officially opened by the Princess Royal yesterday to commemorate the Gurkhas ...

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14th August 2014

K2 – The Tragedy and the Triumph’

Adrian Hayes, ex 7GR, recently summited K2 on 26 July 14, last month - one year after the tragic failure of his first attempt.  Adrian is only the ...

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