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Queen’s Gurkha Signals

22nd April 2017

Recognition in the Operational Awards for Gurkhas

The Armed Forces Operational Awards List 47 was published on Friday in the London Gazette with 48 members of the Armed Forces being cited for ...

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31st March 2017

Firmin Sword of Peace to 2 Signal Regiment

On Tuesday 29th March 2017, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Colonel in Chief, Royal Corps of Signals presented the Firmin Sword of Peace ...

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18th March 2017

Fishmongers Company Gold Award to Gurkha

Captain Krishnakumar Pun from Queen’s Gurkha Engineers was awarded this year’s Fishmongers’ Gold Medal ...

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9th March 2017

Iraq and Afghanistan war memorial – London

On the 9th March 2017 The Queen was joined by over 2,000 people for the dedication of the new Memorial, which recognises the contributions of the UK ...

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14th February 2017

UK Armed Forces Judo Tour to Japan

13 players and 3 coaches from the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Airforce were selected to represent the UK Armed Forces Judo Association (UKAFJA) on ...

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9th February 2017

Gurkha Everest Expedition 2017: Scotland training

The Brigade of Gurkhas are back in training for Mount Everest, and, acts of God aside, the team is in a strong position to put the first serving ...

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