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Central selection at British Gurkhas Pokhara

11th December 2014

Central Selection for Recruit Intake 2015, is in full flow at British Gurkhas Pokhara. This year the target is to recruit 230 young Trainees with the aptitude, upon completion of their training, to meet the demands of the contemporary Brigade of Gurkhas. From the 7,865 who originally applied, 500 have been called forward to Central Selection.

They undergo a number of objective tests: medical, education and physical before going through to the final interview. All recruits have now completed the Doko race, a 5km push uphill carrying 25kg in a Doko basket. This tests their determination and grit and so far this year, only 33 of 500 have failed to finish the race within the cut-off time of 48 minutes. The Potential Recruits (PRs) now also undergo new medical tests. They undertake Electro-Cardiograms (ECGs) and also, a new addition is Functional Movement Screening of the PRs. Under an examination from a physiotherapist this should flag-up any existing injuries and perhaps, more importantly, identify those PRs more at risk of sustaining an injury over the next 6 months. This will give Gurkha Company Catterick (GCC) the chance to correctly manage those successful T/Rfn who are slightly more prone to injury.

This is a great move forward and a test that currently only the UKSF and PARAS commit to. The 230 young men who are successful will then complete 3 weeks induction training with instructors from GCC before being officially handed over to GCC at the Attestation Parade in Pokahara. At the Attestation Parade, they will swear their allegiance to the Queen in front of Chief of Staff Land Forces and Colonel QGE, Major General Tyrone Urch CBE, before saying farewell to their families and departing back to the UK to begin their 9 months training in Catterick.

Doko 2 DSC_3173
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