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Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas Christmas interview

8th December 2016

Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas (Colonel James Robinson) popped into the BFBS studio as part of his visit to 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles, the Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas and the Brigade Training Team all based at Sir John Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe on  7th December 2016.

While he was there he was interviewed by Mr Lal Shahi at Shorncliffe BFBS station.

Interview summary

Colonel BG disclosed that his intention of visiting 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles was to welcome Op TORAL team and get updates on how the battalion was doing. He also mentioned the Mt Everest expedition that was going to take place in year 2017. Colonel BG and the Battalion COS Major Andy Todd also discussed the need for further fund raising to allow the expedition to take place in May next year.

Colonel BG had also visited the Brigade Band to brief them and to discuss next year’s programme as well as to award Long Service Good Conduct (LSGC) medals to a number of band personnel.

Reviewing the year 2016, Colonel BG spoke about the safe return of 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles Op TORAL team from Afghanistan. He praised the hard work and great effort that 2 RGR put in order to make the Operation a great success in last 8 months.

Colonel BG mentioned about the tragic moments, and dark hours that Nepal faced during the devastating Earthquake incident last year. He highlighted the contribution of the Brigade to Nepal for the reconstruction of Schools, Community centres, and pensioners damaged houses in affiliation with Gurkha Welfare Trust. This was led by The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers for last 18 months (Op MARMAT).

Colonel BG also spoke his heart about the gradual Growth of the Brigade that would now offer Gurkha soldiers better career prospects through more opportunity for 24 years’ service and increased promotions.

His appointment as the Colonel BG has now been extended for two more years and he is very much looking forward to developing his strategies.  He also recognised the importance of the wider Gurkha family in Nepal, UK and around the world; the ex-servicemen who help maintain and develop the worldwide reputation of Gurkhas as ambassadors for Nepal.

Finally, he wished the Brigade a Merry Christmas and expressed his gratitude towards all the supporters of the Brigade, especially to the Gurkha families whose love, support and commitment is hugely appreciated by him and allows our soldiers to do so well.

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