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Combat skills in the jungle

7th March 2023

Developing combat skills in the jungle on Exercise DELHI PATROL

Exercise DELHI PATROL was held at the Brunei Training Area A and led by Sergeant Sunil Rana. After laying the foundations of jungle warfare on Exercise JUNGLE GURUJI, Delhi Company deployed to the jungle for the second time on Exercise DELHI PATROL to refresh their jungle tactics, techniques and procedures.

We set out to refine the standing operating procedures of the section, platoon and the company and hone our skills to be the best-skilled Company based in Brunei. The exercise was progressive and prioritised developing the knowledge and initiative of junior riflemen and Non-Commissioned Officers.

CTR, ambushes, and camp attacks were familiar actions however the riverine operation was new to us and required a whole new set of considerations, but we rose to the challenge as a Company maintaining our goal of being the best during our Brunei tour.

By Rifleman Yogesh Shrees, The First Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles

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