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New Commander Queen’s Gurkha Signals

12th September 2023

Lieutenant Colonel Jonny Carey Royal Corps of Signals, Commander Queen’s Gurkha Signals

Lieutenant Colonel Jonny Carey is the Commanding Officer of 30th Signal Regiment, the Royal Signal’s ‘Globetrotter’ Regiment that provides high readiness operational and strategic communications.

He is also proudly the Commander of the Queen’s Gurkha Signals, supporting our Gurkha soldiers, officers, and their families. Enlisting as a soldier and achieving the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant Colonel Carey has served in ARRC (Germany), Hereford, and as a Section Commander at Phase 1 training centre. He commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals in 2008. Initial command was supporting the Joint Helicopter Force, deploying a troop on Operation HERRICK and later with a United States Marine Expeditionary Force. As a Captain he commanded a Phase 1 training squadron at the Army Training Centre (Pirbright), which included a brief spell as the Adjutant. He then moved to Germany as the Adjutant of 1st (United Kingdom) Armoured Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment. His squadron command was at 250 (Gurkha) Signal Squadron. He has deployed on operations to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

At staff he has worked in the UK operations team in the Army Directorate for Operations and Commitments planning all UK operational communications and had the lead for the Army’s commitment to nuclear operations. He also worked as Chief of Staff 1st (United Kingdom) Signal Brigade, and most recently was seconded to Project Wavell within Future Force Design in the Army Future’s Directorate, working in a team that was responsible for rethinking how we fight in the future.

Lieutenant Colonel Carey is a graduate of the Brunei Advanced Staff and Command Course.

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