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COVID -19 Mobile testing with the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment

13th July 2020

COVID -19 Mobile testing with the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment

After receiving training in Grantham, on 6th May our team of 12 soldiers from MTU 78 deployed to Brecon to cover the South Powys region on Operation RESCRIPT.

Deployment on COVID-19 Mobile Testing – Queen’s Gurkha Engineers

Our main task was to set up MTUs in places where there was significant demand within Powys, accompany NHS staff and at the end of the day collect swabs and take them to hospitals. The varied and challenging nature of the role was exciting and I found working as part of a diverse team, including many gurujis from the Brigade of Gurkhas very enjoyable and rewarding.

I personally feel lucky to have been part of an MTU, to get deployed and help the nation during this crisis. Working with NHS staff was a completely different experience from what we normally do in our military professions. I feel proud having made a contribution to the national effort, to have done my duty and helped the NHS.

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