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Doko race in Nepal for potential recruits

5th February 2023

The Doko race is as tough as ever

The famous Doko race that potential recruits for the Brigade of Gurkhas have to undertake in Pokhara, Nepal is a tough and gruelling individual effort run up steep inclines and steps in the hills close to the British Army camp in Pokhara.

The potential recruits have to carry 15kg in a Doko basket, which they have individually prepared the day before with help from the Gurkha recruiting staff and run a the course inside a maximum time limit. Nearly all meet the maximum time allowed so it is really important to do well against the other potential recruits.

Doko race Nepal - Gurkha
Doko race Nepal - Gurkha
Doko race Nepal - Gurkha

Watch this short highlight video

Doko race Nepal - Gurkha

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