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Exercise BUCS AND LLUST – Gurkha Company Catterick

4th August 2020

Exercise BUCS AND LLUST – Gurkha Company Catterick

On 21st July 2020, our trainees in Cagtterick deployed on to Exercise BUCS and LLUST, an urban-based exercise where we were trained to operate in urban terrain techniques, defending a house, clearing buildings and rooms.

On the first day we tabbed towards Whinny Hill area, which is just behind the Vimy Barracks, Infantry Training Centre, Catterick. The First day was focused on lessons on how to deal with the environment and surroundings. This included booby traps, defended houses, sentries at urban area and good demonstration of house clearance by section commanders.

The next day started with a lesson about room clearance, types of corridor, staircase clearance drill and much more. Until this period, we were receiving theory on tactics. The next day kicked off with frequent practices of room clearance with blank ammunition as well as MRTS rounds. We undertook a practice of house clearing covered by CCTV, which later on became a good aid to review our drills and skills.

On the final day of the Exercise we had to perform a rapid extraction from the buildings. Then as a wing we conducted a sequential Wing attack and secured the Whinny Hill area. This exercise gave us a huge opportunity to learn about defending and fighting in an urban environment and gave us new skills on our path to becoming trained Gurkha soldiers.

By Trainee Rifleman Rojan Rawsaily BK, Gurkha Company Catterick

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