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Exercise CERBERUS 22

22nd November 2022

Exercise CERBERUS 22 in Germany

King Troop from 247 Gurkha Signal Squadron, 16 Signal Regiment, deployed to Germany for Exercise CERBERUS 22 over the period of the 5th September - 20th of October 2022 providing Information and Communication System support to Headquarters 29 Royal Logistic Corps (RLC), 104 Theatre Sustainment Brigade.

Exercise CERBERUS was the largest and the most ambitious UK led Field Army exercise in Europe in more than a decade, validating the Brigade Headquarters of the 3rd (UK) Division – the Warfighting Division. King Troop deployed from Stafford to Delmenhorst, Germany, travelling by road and ferry. Upon arrival the troops then retired for much-needed rest. Next day we hit the ground running with the build phase involving offloading the Communication and Information System equipment, defence items and setting up the required infrastructure for Network Engineering Room and Staff Working Environment. This was followed by the laying three-tier barbed wires around the tentage complex while the detachment commanders and crew got busy bringing the detachments online to meet the initial and full operational capability deadline.

Exercise CERBERUS 22

We encountered a variety of technical challenges and issues, but we remained composed and delivered the required solutions. The engineers worked around the clock working alongside level 3/4 support engineers to resolve the technical issues giving us an opportunity to learn and prepare for future deployments. It was humbling to receive compliments from staff users on our professionalism and trade knowledge. The exercise also provided the platform to successfully test the new detachment of our squadron, SATCUBE, a satcom capability, integrating with all MODNET laptops. Over the course of the exercise, there were multiple German and Canadian soldiers visit in the exercise location. This provided us with a fantastic opportunity to exchange knowledge about respective capabilities.

By Signaller Sajan Limbu, Queen’s Gurkha Signals

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