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Exercise DANDA FADNE – Brunei Boat Section

21st July 2021

Exercise DANDA FADNE - Brunei Boat Section

Exercise DANDA FADN was a construction project to create a Helicopter Landing Point (LP) and was undertaken by the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers Brunei Boat Section within Ulu Tutong, Training Area E in Brunei.

The project was supported with manpower from The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles Assault Pioneer Platoon. The LP is required to support casualty evacuation for the training that takes place in the jungle areas used to delivered Close Combat Tropical Environment Training. The site for the LP was only accessible by water which added further complications to manage in the construction process.  The initial phase of the exercise included a controlled and environmentally approved felling of a few trees which were up to o 2m in diameter. This was done using chainsaws followed by using controlled explosive devices to remove stubborn tree stumps and finally the area was levelled to make the landing of the helicopters possible.

The senior planning officer was Battle Group Engineer, Captain Naresh Limbu who planned how and where to best locate the LP. Staff Sergeant Deepak Rai then led the delivery of the project and was the safety officer. During the early stages of the task. Corporal Sachin Limbu as second in charge of the project made all the resources and combat engineer tools available through liaison with various departments. Corporal Rajkumar Thapa managed the collection, transportation and control of all explosives and accessories.

Exercise DANDA FADNE - Brunei Boat Section
Exercise DANDA FADNE - Brunei Boat Section

The new LP will certainly offer a great deal of training value for all users and critically, those needing casualty evacuation. Other uses for the LP include infiltration and exfiltration and resupply for exercising troops. This project has also proved our versatility in the Engineering trade and has given us an opportunity to add more value through our skills and knowledge for the training that is delivered in Brunei.

By Staff Sergeant Deepak Rai, Queen’s Gurkha Engineers

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