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Exercise DHARILO PUL NIRMAN 2020 – Bridge Building

23rd September 2020

Exercise DHARILO PUL NIRMAN 2020 – Bridge Building

On Monday 7th September 2020, 70 Gurkha Field Squadron deployed to Wyke Regis Training Area (WRTA) as part of Exercise DHARILO PUL NIRMAN 2020 (Ex DPN 20) to carry out Combat Engineer training to achieve BCS (STR) training objectives.

Exercise DHARILO PUL NIRMAN 2020 – Bridge Building

The Squadron undertook key combat engineer training in mobility, counter-mobility, and sustainability. It was a preparation for CT1 and CT2 exercises whilst maintaining currency for our OPERATION AGORA commitment.

Bridging is a fundamental skill for combat engineers. Predominantly we focused on the logistic support bridge (LSB). It was constructed in the safest manner possible and was a skill sharpening platform and good revision for all. We also conducted other specific to role training in the construction of the medium girder over bridge, medium girder bridge, and in laying class 70 trackway.

The watermanship training was the highlight of the Ex DPN 20, in particular an improvised raft race between the troops that was challenging, competitive and fun. Additionally, the Squadron managed to organise an after action reflection evening while adhering to Government’s COVID-19 policies and troops also made the most out of the fun games and delicious food prepared by a Gurkha chef.

Ex DPN 20 was challenging, demanding, and realistic, with an element of fun. The entire training program was aimed to empower each individual with a greater awareness of themselves and their troop. It was one of the best exercises I have ever taken part in and such training is always valuable to maintain high readiness and be ready to deploy any part of the world and deliver engineer capability.

By Sapper Santosh Gurung, Queen’s Gurkha Engineers

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