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Exercise GURKHA STRIKE 2 – Brecon

19th April 2021

Exercise GURKHA STRIKE 2 - Brecon

The Support Platoon, Training Support Division from Infantry Battle School (IBS) recently deployed on Exercise GURKHA STRIKE 2 (Ex GS2), The Parachute Regiment wing joined the Gurkhas for the mortar fire control (MFC) training in a jungle and urban warfare situation.

The ability to adjust indirect fire by sound and surveying the area is called the aural adjustment. It is particularly useful in the jungle and urban environments to engage obscured targets. These skills were pioneered during the Vietnam and Malayan emergency.

Exercise GURKHA STRIKE 2 - Brecon
Exercise GURKHA STRIKE 2 - Brecon

Ex GS2 was held during March 2021 at the Sennybridge Training Area (SENTA). It was led by Captain Jimi who has spent 14 years in Brunei working with mortars and experienced from Operation HERRICK 9 and 14. Day one was theory and fire control lessons. Day 2 was on the ranges at SENTA. The exercise area was set up very carefully to bring the reality of the having to use aural adjustments for firing mortars. The final day was focused to support by providing indirect fire support to Exercise GREEN DRAGON followed by a further practice session. Captain M Jimi talked to us that transferring these skills to the next generation is especially important for the future of operations that may required them when operating with mortars.

Exercise GURKHA STRIKE 2 - Brecon
Exercise GURKHA STRIKE 2 - Brecon

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