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Exercise KHUKURI LEADER 21 – 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron

4th November 2021

Exercise KHUKURI LEADER 21 – 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron

With the motto “Technical first, soldier always” 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron has had some significant gains both in technical and tactical output this year.

Providing Communication Information Systems support to various operational deployments and key Standard Joint Forces Headquarters led exercise at different levels has characteristically been the focus but additionally the Squadron has also seized an opportunity to brush up on our basic military skills.

From the 18th – 28th of October 2021, 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron deployed on Exercise KHUKURI LEADER 21. The Training Objectives of the exercise were to remind and revise low level military tactics to improve Infantry Battle Skills (IBS), develop leadership skills and enhance team cohesion and physical courage to maintain operational effectiveness.

The first week was conducted in camp, focused on basic skills including six Section Battle Drills, patrol, harbour occupation and routine, target indication, Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC), Captured Persons (CPERS) handling and Orders.

Exercise KHUKURI LEADER 21 – 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron
Exercise KHUKURI LEADER 21 – 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron
Exercise KHUKURI LEADER 21 – 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron

On the morning of 25th October 2021, we deployed to Swynnerton Training Area for the Basic Close Combat Skills phase. Everything learnt during the first week was to be implemented practically. The first day in the field saw several activities including harbour occupation and night patrols. On following days, we went through various scenarios, comprising a series of section attacks, CPERS handling, Close Target Recce, Dead Letter Box/Live Letter Box, order delivery and model preparation. The week concluded with early morning Order delivery by the Platoon Commanders leading to successful deliberate platoon attack and CASEVAC.

The Officer Commanding 250 Gurkha Signal Squadron and Regimental Sergeant Major 30th Signal Regiment visited us during the exercise. They were impressed by our overall performance and provided positive and encouraging feedback after end of exercise. Signaller Silence Rana Magar was awarded the top field soldier for his hard work and excellent performance throughout the exercise. Exercise KHUKURI LEADER 21 was a great opportunity to sharpen our IBS and prepare us for various career courses.

By Signaller Dinesh Gurung, Queen’s Gurkha Signals

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