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Exercise KIWI TROPHY 2021 – Queen’s Gurkha Signals

13th January 2022

Exercise KIWI TROPHY 2021 – Queen’s Gurkha Signals

Exercise KIWI TROPHY is a March and Shoot competition held annually to commemorate the contribution of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces during the Great War and their time at Bulford camp.

The event is named after a historical depiction of a Kiwi bird carved in Beacon Hill, Bulford by the Kiwi Forces in 1919. The competition was first organised in 1981 by the then Officer Commanding 249 AMF(L) Signal Squadron, Major Danny to mark the one-year anniversary of the Kiwi monument built by the Squadron. After disbandment of the Squadron in April 2003, the conservation of the monument and the continuation of the Trophy has been carried on by the 3rd (United Kingdom) Division Signal Regiment.

This year the competition was organised by 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron, led by Corporal Vishal Rai, on 18th November 2021. Traditionally a 14-miler March and Shoot event carrying 15kg including personal weapon, the distance was shortened to 10 mile considering the Regiment’s involvement in various exercises and commitments. Keeping up with their commendable performances from previous years, 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron dominated the competition by securing 3 out of 4 category prizes. The winners were as follows:

  • Overall Individual Winner: Signaller Krishna Lama (1hr 20 min), 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron
  • Female Winner: Corporal Bowyer (2hr 17min), 202 Signal Squadron
  • Veteran Winner: Warrant Officer Class Two Shyam Lama (1hr 26 min), 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron
  • Winning Team: 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron (1hr 35min)
Exercise KIWI TROPHY 2021 – Queen’s Gurkha Signals
Exercise KIWI TROPHY 2021 – Queen’s Gurkha Signals
Exercise KIWI TROPHY 2021 – Queen’s Gurkha Signals

Individual trophies were awarded by the Army Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class One Carney whilst the winning team trophy was presented by the Commanding Officer 3rd (United Kingdom) Division Signal Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Harris. All the winners also had an opportunity to share their experience with visiting guest, Brigadier Bliss from the New Zealand Army. The competition was a resounding success and was well received by all 180 participants and 54 enablers to make sure the event was delivered successfully.

By Corporal Vishal Rai, Queen’s Gurkha Signals

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