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Exercise KRONOS HUNTER 22 Cyprus with GARRC Support Battalion

16th January 2023

Exercise KRONOS HUNTER 22 Cyprus

Gurkha Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion deployed 108 personnel on Exercise KRONOS HUNTER 22, in Cyprus.

The aim was to achieve Collective Training Level ALPHA, consisting of live, special-to-arm subunit training. The Exercise occurred in both the Eastern and Western Sovereign Base Areas. During the first week, the exercising troops started a live-fire tactical training (LFTT) package by conducting zeroing and an Annual Combat Marksmanship Test at Akrotiri Range before progressing to Individual Close Quarter Battle (ICQB) and Metal Mechanised Target Ranges. The main aim of the ICQB range was to confirm weapon drills and skills, aggression management, and accuracy whilst under pressure in a demanding environment. Next, troops moved to Pyla Ranges to conduct further ranges, including pairs fire and manoeuvre, Fireteam, and Section level LFTT. The range team planned and delivered excellent progressive training from individual to the Section level, which enabled Battalion service personnel to maintain and improve essential live fire capabilities, ensuring they could deliver on their operational effectiveness.

The second week comprised of cultural visits, Adventure Training and Section-based competitions. The Battalion visited the Kourion archaeological site, which dates to the Ceramic Neolithic period and has been inhabited for over 6,000 years, and personnel were given tours of the amphitheatre and acropolis. The adventure training package was a mixture of a Parachute Foundation Course, a rocking climbing course and watersports. Section Commanders were empowered to lead their sections in these activities – contributing to their ongoing leadership development. Personnel were given the opportunity to visit the United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus; a demilitarised zone established in 1964. The Battalion also met our 10 Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment counterparts at the Ledra Palace Hotel, where briefs were delivered on the Operation TOSCA mission, providing wider context to their role in the region.

Exercise KRONOS HUNTER 22 enabled the Battalion to develop the essential skills to deliver PROJECT, PROTECT and SUSTAIN Effects in a tactical setting as well as complete Collective Training Objectives. It also help develop team cohesion and personal development.

By Sergeant Roshan Budha Magar, Gurkha Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion

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