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Exercise PATROLS AND URBAN EXERCISE with Recruit Intake 22

26th October 2022

Exercise PATROLS AND URBAN EXERCISE with Recruit Intake 22

Mid-September Recruit Intake 22 deployed on Exercise PATROLS AND URBAN EXERCISE.

We collected all our serialised items including our Head Mounted Night Vision System, Laser Light Module and Common Weapon Sight, and our weapons which included SA80, GPMG and NLAW. Fully kitted up we headed to the exercise area with a strong mentality and desire to learn. At our destination we collected our bergens and applied cam cream to our faces and our instructors gave us the prepare to move signal, as we stepped foot into the field.

After securing our harbour, 3 Section and our Section Commander went on a recce patrol. Since it was our first patrol, our patrolling skills were not quite sharp enough. However, as hours passed, we learned how to patrol with confidence. On the last day, we laid an ambush for the enemy and waited for them to enter our killing area. We successfully ambushed and destroyed all the enemy that came our way.

Urban Exercise
Urban Exercise

With our spirits still high, we went on to the urban phase of the exercise, with the intent of learning new skills in this complex environment and to destroy our enemy. Our commanders showed us our sentry posts and we set up a strong all-round defence with 360-degree protection. Our Commanders then fed us with many tactical skills and ideas. We made use of all that knowledge, and we started to attack and hunt down our enemy in this urban setting. After many days of quality practice, we did a platoon attack. 6 (Assaye) Platoon then went on to destroy the enemy. The plan was executed perfectly and smoothly because of our strong communication and trust. The exercise ended, or so I thought, but I was proven wrong because our base was attacked and we had to withdraw to a hasty harbour area.

By Trainee Rifleman Labin Limbu, 6 (Assaye) Platoon – Gurkha Company Catterick

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