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31st August 2019

Article by By Private Genuine Rai Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support, Junior Human Resource Admin, 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Ulu Temburong National Park is located in the heart of a 500sq km area of pristine rainforest covering most of southern Temburong (one of the four districts of Brunei), and is one of the untouched natural beauty spots that Brunei offers. Only about one square kilometre of the park is accessible to tourists, who are only admitted as part of guided tour packages.

On 11th July 2019, British Forces Brunei Regimental Administrative Office Detachment seized the opportunity to explore this untamed wilderness of nature with the intention of fostering team cohesion and developing leadership skills through team activities in a relaxed and informal environment. The event was led by Sergeant Yogesh Pun and assisting him was Corporal Bibek Limbu. A long boat ride into the heart of the pristine rainforest and we arrived at Bengar Jetty, Temburong for a quick on-board breakfast in the Freme Resort before another boat ride to our first activity to venture forth in the National Park.

We ascended at a steady pace exploring the thick dense forest and eventually reaching the top of the hill at a height of 950m. Nestled in the top of the hill is the jewel in its crown – the Canopy Walk at a height of 43m. The view is uninterrupted and I was in awe of the splendid view of the green jungles of Brunei.

Heading back down we aimed for our second activity which was to be a quick dip in the cool mountain river of Sungai Temburong and that felt good!!! The next adventure was rafting. We were divided into three groups and after a few minutes of planning and preparation, the race began. It was tough but we were determined to complete the course.

An evening meal beside the sea and the going down of the sun closed the day and added another great memory for us to cherish of our time in the British Army.

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