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Exercise Tiger ARRC – Greenland

28th August 2019

The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion conducted Exercise TIGER ARRC during the period of 11th-29th July 2019.

The Exercise was an Overseas, Exploratory Alpine Mountaineering Adventurous Training Expedition for 12 members of Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Support Battalion (ARRC Sp Bn) and 3 Alpine Mountaineering Leaders, the Expedition took place in Eastern Greenland via a transit in Reykjavík, Iceland.

In total 15 individuals took part in the Exercise including 7 Gurkha soldiers. One of our main aims was to get junior soldiers on the Exercise.

The Exped Leader was Warrant Officer Bynorth ARRC Sp Bn RAPTCI and he said:  “The Exped was a huge success, the location coupled with the remoteness meant the Exercise was classed as High Risk & Remote (HR&R). The Exped for-filled all its aims, 20 months in the planning meant we had first tour Private soldiers whilst on the Alpine Mountaineering Foundation (AMF) course completing confirmed first accents on a HR&R exploratory alpine mountaineering expedition, this hasn’t been done before.”

“The journey was breath-taking from start to finish, we had two base camp with the second one was via boat move up the Fjords which was breath-taking as we passed an ever-increasing size of mountain range and hundreds of icebergs of all shapes and sizes. We even got close to two whales which appeared close to the surface.”

“The planning, organisation and delivery of Exercise TIGER ARRC has a direct link to challenges which we will face on operations, we succeeded in developing the leadership skills of our young soldiers as well as enhancing their physical and mental robustness. Exercise TIGER ARRC achieve this in abundance.”

Lance Corporal Jagadish Gurung Queen’s Gurkha Engineers tells us his story:

“The Greenland Expedition was physically and mentally demanding. We’ve been preparing for this Expedition from the last two years from the basic summer and winter mountaineering in different parts of the UK including completing a mountain first aid course.”

“After an overnight stop in Iceland we arrived via another air move to Kulusuk, We met the accommodation and our guide to the expedition.”

“The next day, we were taught about the survival equipment and camping ideas by the guides. Trip flares and shot gun weapon handling lessons which we required to protect ourselves from possible polar bear attack during our camping in the mountains.”

“The real adventure began after we left the Kulusuk village on boat to go across the sea. We then started mountaineering, we learnt about glaciers, ice climbing and rescues were the most exciting things. Walking to the top of the mountains were hard but having ice cold water and cheesy biscuits at the top of the mountain used to wash away all pains. The most beautiful scenes and Icebergs floating on the sea is simply phenomenal. That peaceful mountains and the cool breeze is something I will never forget in my life. Cold shower and swim in the river and sea is something to remember to recover my body for the next day.”

“Being so remote in the mountains meant we were kept away from all social medias, so we had cricket and stone throwing activities to keep ourselves busy. Exploring Greenland has developed physical and mental robustness which will help me if I deploy on operations. Deploying to Greenland has been a once in a life time opportunity and has developed my leadership skills which has enhanced me professionally.”

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