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First birthday for Gurkha Wing Mandalay

14th January 2015

Gurkha Wing Mandalay (GWM)is celebrating its first birthday since its creation from Gurkha Company Mandalay.

The soldiers and families of Gurkha Wing Mandalay attended a basketball competition and dinner night at the unit’s home base in Brecon to mark the event.

The  Wing provides general training and duties support to HQ Infantry Battle School (IBS) and the Training Divisions as coordinated by the Courses Resource Cell  to ensure the delivery of quality training in accordance with Operational Performance Statement. As a secondary task, it also continues to represent the Army, the Infantry, IBS and GWM to the highest standards within Wales and the local Brecon/Powys community.

The historical accounts suggest that the Gurkhas first came to serve in Brecon in 1974. However, it was not until 12 December 1980 that a Company with a total strength of 85 formed up, to be known as a Gurkha Demonstration Company (GDC) under the old NCO’s Tactical Wing. Ever since the arrival of Gurkhas in Brecon, they have played an important role in the local community and have become an integral part of the society. In recognition of their service to the community the Town Council of Brecon awarded the GDC Honorary Citizenship of Brecon, the first ever the Gurkha soldiers have been honored on 21 November 1985. To mark the occasion, the first parade known as Brecon Freedom Parade was held on 3 May 1986, and the tradition has continued ever since. Towards the beginning of Nineties, all Infantry related promotion qualifying courses began to concentrate and run from Brecon. As a result, additional numbers of soldiers joined the Company to meet the new commitment. When the home base of the Gurkhas moved from Hong Kong to the UK in 1997, a small numbers of families began to join them.  The Company was re-titled as a Gurkha Company (Mandalay) GCM in September 2004 until 09 Jan 2014.

Formation of Gurkha Wing & Wing Birthday: Due to the new structure of Army 2020, Op STADIA was implemented to cut down the figure from 124 to 40 Gurkhas and renamed as Gurkha Wing (Mandalay) on 09 January 2014 commanded by a RGR LE Officer who is also 2nd in Command Training Support Division (TSD) since then the wing is under command of Training Support Division IBS hence the wing HQ is restructured as TSD HQ.

GWM Formation Parade was held on 09 Jan 14 with an honor guard inspected by CO IBS Lt Col Robinson when he presented a new Wing flag to the first Wing Commander Capt Dhalindra KC.

The parade was also held to mark the birth of the Gurkha Wing (Mandalay) which will be celebrated every year on 09 January. To mark this auspicious day; a Wing running trophy will be presented to the Best Rifleman of the year.

Despite the busy commitment, the wing has been continuing with the various activities such as Inter Section competitions namely; Shooting, Cross Country, Volleyball, Football and Basketball. The overall winner section will be announced as the Champion Section, presented with a trophy during the wing birthday.

GWM’s 2IC, Capt Dhalindrabahadur Khatri Chhetri 2 RGR, said:  “Considering the wing’s new challenging roles and responsibility and the year-around activities, it is needless to say that this has been a successful year for the wing as well as for its men. Though tackling with a busy and demanding schedule, the ever-passionate men continues with the challenges in extremely professional manner. Despite the heavy commitment the wing will be organizing Inter sections military and sporting competition and also will continually represent on these events for IBS, Gurkha Bde and the Army every year.”

Jai Gurkha Wing (Mandalay)


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